Review: B-Skinz

Bskinz’s Apparel

First impression: Oh my god. What are these prints??!!! I was actually slightly mortified when my friend handed me the products that I had received from bskinz. As someone who does not exercise in just her sports bra and sticks to plain white muscle tees and cutoffs, these were SUCH a shock to the eye (see aesthetics for more details). 

Fit, Functionality and Quality: 9/10 (leggings)+ 6.5/10 (bra)

Seeing how I have only tried my leopard-print leggings and psychedelic multi-colored bra, I will talk about these first. However, first— some stats:

  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: 115-125 lbs
  • Stature: Pretty small genetically with a very traditional Asian woman frame; I fit into a pretty standard size “small” in most athletic clothing. 

I wore the psychedelic kaleidoscope bra and leggings to the gym yesterday (and to the climbing wall after). The leggings are SUPER comfortable and stay in place pretty well. My only complaint is that they do not do much in terms of sweat-wicking. However, I highly recommend them. The sports bra, on the other hand, was an unfortunate disappointment. My bra band size is normally a 32 (size small at Bskinz) but this bra was just too small and not comfortable. It was chafing while I was rock-climbing and I am just not a fan. 

So no to the bra but a definite yes to the leggings. 

Aesthetics: Depends.

Personally, I would probably never buy spandex/apparel from Bskinz just for myself. I would feel slightly ridiculous running around in leopard-print leggings and striped neon orange/white handbands (though I got quite a few compliments on my leopard-print leggings the other day).

However, I was perusing their website the other day and discovered that they do a lot of shipments to college/high school teams. If my entire sports team was wearing the same color of matching shorts/leggings and/or headbands, I would have LOVED that. So thus, if you’re part of a team and going for the matching look, I would HIGHLY recommend Bskinz. However, if you’re just looking for workout apparel for yourself, I would just be safe (and maybe slightly boring) and go to Nike or Underarmor. (Or be a cheap college student like me and just cut the sleeves off of t-shirts). 


Overall, I recommend Bskinz products. Their leggings are VERY comfortable and I guarantee that they will stay put while you exercise. If you are ordering a sports bra, order a size up to ensure that you have full range of motion. Go get yourself (and maybe your sports team) some of those CRAZY prints!! 

Disclaimer: B-Skinz is a workout apparel company that provides products who are perfect for individuals who want to stay active and are looking for more variety in their workout wardrobe. Materials refered in the article were sent to Patricia as a gift, all opinions are her own.