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Princeton’s Stylish Girl of the Week: Remi Yamazaki

Name:Remi Yamazaki
Major:Comparative Literature (aspiring)
Dreams:Live in Vienna and go to all the operas and art shows I want!
Interests:Field hockey, running when the weather is nice, singing, French literature and film, procrastinating on FaceBook
Fashion Icon (s) and Why:I had a friend in high school who was really into fashion.  She wants to sign with an agency and she has inspired me. But I look to British fashion (I think it’s British…) on how I dress because there were a lot of Europeans at my high school.
Favorite Designer(s)/ Store(s) and Why:H&M and Zara, but really I like anything with floral or butterfly patterns! They tend to have those, and they also have small sizes and petite things.  Because I’m small, there are some outfits I just can’t pull off, and they have plenty of other options.
Favorite Fashion Accessory:Bracelets when it’s warm
Biggest Fashion Mistake You’ve Made or a lot of Women Make: I’ve seen women overdo their outfits and make-up.  They are a lot of items that look good but when they are put together, it doesn’t quite look right.  Subtlety is better than throwing everything together.
Fashion Tip To Other Girls:What you wear is a way of expressing your personality.  So, be creative and experiment with different things.  Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

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