Patricia: June Recap

After struggling tremendously with getting back into my groove after Panama, June was a rollercoaster month. I broke some personal records, improved on some of my lifts, regressed on others…. all in all a good month though. Here are my updated numbers on all the big (and in my opinion, most important) lifts: 

  • Back squat (low-bar): 120 pounds for 5 reps in 5 sets
  • Bench press: 80 pounds for 4 reps in 5 sets
  • Deadlift: 175 pounds for 5 reps in 1 set

Equally as important, I set a personal record in my front squat as well at 105 pounds. Back squat and bench press have been my biggest struggles since I got back into lifting after Panama. Bench press has ALWAYS eluded me and I will unashamedly admit that it is my least favorite lift but I am still trying. Trying and struggling but still progressing.

In the next month or so, I hope to keep adding weight to my lifts but I realize I also need to focus on flexibility. I have taken up a little rock-climbing (I am still pretty terrible at the sport) but I need to do more yoga. I am also working on getting my pushup numbers higher so I can boast a better bench press weight.