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New Year, New You!

Welcome to 2013. Where ‘more’ is actually more. Skimpy outfits and barely there swimsuits are being set aside like yesterday’s trash. Fashion is finally catching up with the overwhelming research that women dress to impress—you guessed it! Men. And today’s men want a little less skin, and a little more substance. Today’s top fashions are putting a new twist to the classic vintage wear. Expect to also see more menswear inspired looks for women with enough sass to pull off a daring look. It’s a new year. Revamp your look. If you’ve been preppy chic since high school, try an edgier more thought provoking look. If you’ve been Goth since middle school, add more maturity to your look with a bright a-line skirt and a soft brown eye shadow. If you have been playing it safe with mum-inspired fashion since you left the house, liven things up with an asymmetric bob, or add a bold blazer to make your wardrobe pop. New year, new you people. Live it up!


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