Let's See How Far We've Come

I’m back on campus, and I’m glad to be back! After a productive and relaxing summer, my mind and body are recharged for sophomore year.

70 days, 19 pages in Word, and 23 posts later, I have a lot to look back on. I found some great products like Recharge Bars and Kevita. I also found some not so great products (ahem, Miracle Noodles).  I discovered some easy and healthy recipes that I’m hoping I will actually make on campus.

I am now licensed to teach Zumba! This hopefully (fingers crossed!) means that I will be teaching a workout class sometime soon. Either that or I will be looking pretty groovy when I go to a Zumba class. Both options are winners.

I picked up some good habits along the way – one of which is a new found love for working out.  I never thought I would say that. The endorphins and the sense of accomplishment that you get from a simple one-hour work out are amazing. I also carry a water bottle around with me thanks to my 30-day challenge.  Overall, I feel fantastic.

In all, thank you to HCP, to the sponsors, to my good friend Elizabeth for being my Zumba buddy, to the amazing fitness community at KadiFit, and last but not least, to the friends, family, and strangers who have been keeping up with this blog.

I would like to end with asking you to say these following words from my favorite yoga instructor aloud:

I am happy. I am healthy. I am me.

With love,