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How to Stay Chic in the Snow

It can be quite a challenge to stay chic in the snow. Indeed, when it’s snowing outside, it’s tempting to throw on a puffy Northface jacket, some heavy denim jeans, Uggs and call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with that. But on those days when you have some extra minutes to spare in the morning and want to make more effort, here are some easy ways to help you stay chic in the snow.

  • Peacoat is a wonderful staple is every college girl’s closet. It’s very warm and the double-breasted buttons make you look slim and polished. Invest in a quality one in a neutral color (black, navy, gray, brown or tan) so that you can wear it everywhere, everyday!
  • The cashmere sweater is a god-send. It’s thin and figure-flattering as opposed to a bulky sweater that hides your curve. It’s super soft and the breathable fabric makes you very comfy. Most importantly, it’s incredibly warm! It’s hard to imagine how much warmth a thin layer of sweater can hold, but cashmere sweater works miracles. They are, however, rather expensive, so keep an eye on them the next Black Friday sales!
  • Corduory jeans are warmer than regular denim jeans and therefore a better choice for wintertime. It’s also a good excuse to break away from those dark and light blue shaded jeans you’ve been wearing all year long! Choose a brown/marron color that epitomizes winter spirit. A skinny cut is more figure-flattering and easier to wear with snow boots.
  • There’s no doubt that Uggs are warm and comfy. But while they are a treat for the feet, most of us would agree that they are not the most beautiful snow boots. Alternatively, you might be tempted to put on your favorite pair of riding boots, but I wouldn’t recommend that either unless you want the real leather ruined by snow. A great solution is Sorel snow boots – they are super durable, snow-resistant and fashion-forward. Most importantly, they keep your feet warm and dry on a snowing day, and despite their bulky appearance, they are very comfortable to wear! Alternatively, if you absolutely have to wear wool skirts with tights, then a pair of knitted leg warmers will prevent you from freezing on a snowing day.
  • Cloche hat, bucket hat, or a French-inspired beret, it’s your call! Hats are a must on those windy and snowy days. If you don’t like hats, earmuffs are a cute alternative that keeps your ears warm without messing up your hairstyle. Head wraps can also keep your hair in place and keep your ears warm!
  • There are many kinds of scarves on the market and even more styles to wear them. In the snowing days, though, nothing beats a cashmere infinity scarf. Casually wrapping it around your neck and it will give you an instant warmth boost. Or even wrap it around your head for added warmth and protection!


Comment below to share your favorite snow day outfit ideas!

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