Her Campus Princeton on Lemon and Line

Her Campus Princeton Goes Knots About Nautical Fashion!

Her Campus Princeton officially digs all things nautical and it appears that the passion for nautical garb and accessories has left the ports of non-sailing towns and  docked in Princeton. We're certainly not complaining.  We've been spotting nautical bracelets all over campus--exciting!--and so we contacted Lemon & Line in regard to potential partnerships and sponsorship of our most recent event. Check out the event recap coming out soon!

Launched in 2010, Lemon & Line produces handcrafted, nautically inspired bracelets made out of marine grade materials. Nautical bracelets also known as sailor knot bracelets were historically crafted by sailors to show off their rope-working skills and were seen as good luck charms. Lemon & Line has Ajibike's all time favorite blog's  (College Prepster) approval but check out why HCP loves Lemon & Line below!


Kristin Wilson (HCP Event Coordinator) on Lemon & Line:

I love Lemon & Line because it feels incredibly versatile. It has got a resolute simplicity that makes it work with practically everything I own. Sometimes, it feels adventurous - like craziness, college struggs, thirty-second dance parties and the freedom to explore. Today it feels dainty and intricate - tailored for special memories and interests – a cherished thing ten years from now. I love Lemon & Line because it feels like the good life.


Yoonha Jeong on Lemon & Line:

I’m so glad I got a chance to learn about the brand Lemon & Line! I love their nautically inspired bracelet designs. The simple and subtle knot designs make the bracelets very versatile. They can complement almost any look while adding a unique touch to your outfit! A fun way to wear them would be to get two or three different designs and colors and to stack them together. I think different combinations of Lemon & Line bracelets can be used as a way to express one’s individuality. 


Melissa Yin (HCP Writer) on Lemon & Line: 

The Lemon & Line Bracelet epitomizes effortless chic! The royal blue rope is tied in a simple knot, and the gold plated hook clasp really makes the bracelet stand out. The fabric is durable and non-itchy at all. Best thing of all? They come in five different sizes (from XS to XL), so you don't need to worry about the bracelet being too loose and gliding off your wrist (which is usually a problem for me)! Award yourself now with this perfect piece of nautical accessory that makes you feel like being on a sailboat!


Sail On!

The HCP Team



All images were taken by Ajibike Lapite of Yoonha Jeong who is wearing a dress provided by Soie Shop and the Newport Limited Edition Navy bracelet.