Friends vs. Acquaintances

 Freshman year is obviously a time for a new beginning.  It’s almost like starting kindergarten again.  Only this time, your parents are not going to wait for you when classes are over to escort you back to your home.  In fact, your parents aren’t going to be around—ever.  So it goes without saying that finding friends—whether we want to admit it or not—is at the top of our goal list, along with getting good grades, of course (hopefully).  I mean, think about it, you don’t want to eat your meals alone or walk to the nearest eating club for a party by yourself.  And not to mention, you may need a friend around to vent about grade deflation kicking your butt, family issues, or even a guy breaking your heart.  But throughout your time in college, it would be a good thing to be able to differentiate between friends and acquaintances so that you do not get yourself hurt in the long run.
 Social Settings- Now, I’m not saying that a friend is someone who has to be like a helicopter mom and watch over you whenever you two go out to a party or other social gathering.  However, let’s say you’ve had a little bit too much to drink at a party.  In fact, you don’t think that you will be able to make it back to your dorm without some assistance.  A friend usually is one who will escort you back to your dorm or even to the nearest medical center, if need be.  She or he will make sure that you are safe especially in your vulnerable position.  Just because you dance with some people on the dance floor and say hi to them en route to classes does not mean that they are your friends.  So don’t try to hold these people responsibility for helping you. 
 “I Got A Crush On You”—Now this next sub-topic is one that I personally have fallen victim to plenty of times.  Whenever you have a crush on a guy, just because you and another girl share the biological make-up does not mean that she follows the same type of girl code that you do.  I’m a big fan of silence when it comes to these sorts of things.  But sometimes the excitement of a new guy is hard to keep quiet.  So if you are going to tell someone about your crush, make sure it is someone who you have known for a bit and can confide in.  Also be weary of those who try to force the answer of who you like out of you.  Remember, Mean Girls?  It may have been a movie but a lot of those aspects are true.  There are women out there who will go after a guy that you have your eye on as well.  I for one didn’t realize who was just an acquaintance until after I saw my crush and my supposed friend get together.  But every mistake is a lesson.
 When It Rains, It Pours—In life, we all go through adversities and those trials usually go smoother when we have someone to talk to.  Never ever be one of those friends who always listen to your girlfriends’ problems and they are always too busy to listen to yours.  That is a HUGE no-no!  Though college pulls and pushes us in so many directions, a genuine friend will find the time to hear about all that you’re going through with a open mind, open ears, and most of all…an open heart. If you have someone in your life right now who always seems absent when things go wrong but omnipresent when life is going splendid, that is a huge sign that that person is just an acquaintance.  A true friend will uplift you no matter how stormy or tranquil life may be.
Well that’s all for now, Princetonettes!  Always remember that you deserve the best type of companionship that money or connections can never buy.  Be encouraged and make sure you cut ties with those who aren’t working out to make room for the right ones to find you.  Until next time!

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