Dorm Decor 101

Anxious freshman collegiettes, I know how you feel. You’re a pressure cooker of excitement, anxiety, and premature nostalgia. These feelings are warranted. College can be: a) nerve-wracking b) far from home and c) an amazing time. Of course, you won’t know until you’re here. Obviously Princeton will be great; trust me: I’m a sophomore. I’m not going to be able to help you with the excitement or anxiety (my advice: just chill out, you still have a month of summer left), but here is my advice in regard to the nostalgia: make your dorm room feel like home.
You’re probably thinking: how will my single/double/quad/11-person suite in Rocky-Mathey (I mean, can anyone tell them apart?), Forbes, Whitman, Wilson, or Butler feel like home? Yes, your dorm room quarters may be noisier, more booze-filled, and/or more monochromatic than your room back home….but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your room equally homey.
Dormify  is one of my favorite places to shop for dorm room decorations. So in the spirit of making your dorm room more homey, here are tips and five of my Dormify top picks for your dorm room.

Liven Up Your Walls
Dorm room walls are always bland. I’m quite sure that this is always the case, and not solely at Princeton University. Many students tend to place dry erase boards, French memo boards, or magnets on their walls. You could even string mini-lights across the room. The most common way to decorate your walls is with posters and/or decals. Dormify carries unique prints and decals. Two of my favorites are: the (1) B You B Print  that is both bright and inspiration and the (2) Butterfly Cluster Decal. The butterfly decal will add romance to your dorm room and it quite easy to use and remove.

Maximize Your Space

There are ways to make your dorm room seem larger than it is. Use bed raisers or turn your bed into a loft bed (of course these are options if you don’t have a bunk bed) so that you can use the room under your bed for storage.  I know that room cleanliness is not your first priority when you have tests to study for and events to attend. Nonetheless, a clean room always appears larger. While it’s common knowledge that one should vacuum and/or sweep, dorm room desks are often a mess of papers. Dormify has a great (3) Vinea Magazine File that is not only chic but perfect for organizational purposes. 

Your Bed As The Focal Point

Your XL Twin Bed will be not only your bed but your coach and study zone alike. As the largest item in your room, it only makes sense that your bed will be the focal point. Consequently, your bed should be just as chic (if not more) as the rest of your room.

 Do not choose white bedding. When you're studying on your bed with a piece of Frist pizza, you're definitely going to make a mess. White bedding is disasterous for any college student. Also, white bedding is bland. Take advantage of extremely decorative bedding in order to add color and feminity to your room. My personal favorite (and soon to be the bedding rocked in my sophomore dorm room) is the (4) Believe You Can Fly Dormify bedding set. 

Decorate With Playful Pillows

Pillows definitely top off the bed. Ater choosing super cute bedding, you don't want to dial down the style is mediocre pillows. Throw in additional pillows, such as the (5) Alexandra Ferguson OOH Pillow to make even your pillows a statement piece. If the OOH pillow isn't your style, Dormify has plenty of pillows that will suit the tastes of any collegiette™. 

Good luck decorating, ladies! If you're interested in Dormify bedding, check it the website today so that you can pre-order and get your bedding in before Freshman Orientation begins (September 10th). If you can't get the door room decorating bug out of your system, check out Design Your Dorm to see what your dorm room could look like this fall.