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Cleanse Spotlight: Life Juice Cleanse


The Beginnings
So as you guys know, I have been on a health craze since the New Year. Usually I am
not one for crazy New Year’s resolutions, because as I told myself, “Hey, I make them
every year and not many changes result, so… forget that!” but then I came upon
the stark realization I will never be as young as I am now. (Revolutionary, I know.)
Seriously though, every day we get older and though we are still in college, gravity has
been working against us since birth. So, on a more positive note, I have been eating
healthier (cutting out processed foods) and this past month I have gone to the gym every
day. (Woohoo!!) I was talking to a good friend of mine, and we
decided we needed something to cleanse our body of all the gunk we regularly put into
it. We weren’t looking for a fix-all-our-body-issues in one day cleanse. But she told me
about a 3-day cleanse that came highly recommended, and we decided to try it together!
(Y’all know the saying: “health loves company”… or was it misery? Anyways! Y’all get
the point.)
So the name of the cleanse she suggested was ‘Life Juice.’ After doing some research
(Yes, I realize I literally research… everything.) So the whole motto behind ‘Life Juice’
is that a ‘healthy lifestyle is the foundation for a healthy mind and body.’ So far so good,
right? Actually what sold me on using them for the cleanse was the fact that not only are
they using fresh eco friendly juices that are nutritious and antioxidant packed! They also
support area farmers. Seriously, score! Their juices are cold pressed to preserve all the
beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
The 3-day Cleanse
So how did it actually go down? I ordered the juices and they came in less that a week.
They had 6 different juices for each day, totaling to 18 juices for the 3 days. Honestly if
you are drinking all the juices it is impossible to be hungry. I was so glad for this because
I have definitely sworn off starvation dieting. I like how they had so many different
flavors of juices, because at some point when I wasn’t feeling the kale flavored juice, I
could decide to start with the almond spice juice or the carrot-apple-ginger juice. Life
Juice does recommend consuming the juice in a certain order, but mixing the order
doesn’t not negatively affect the cleanse.
After Effects
I definitely felt less bloated and less sluggish after the cleanse. I also had more energy,
which was a definite plus cause I was about to start midterm week. Additionally, after
filling my body with so many natural juices, I was more motivated to continue with
healthy eating and exercising. If you guys are looking for a way to jumpstart healthy
eating, weight loss, or just to put your body in a better equilibrium I would definitely
recommend you research into the different cleanses out there and which one might be best for you!
¡Buena suerte ladies!
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Life Juice can be purchased online or through Williams Sonoma’s online catalogue.
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