Burn this sh!z week aka get ready for an asian mother encounter

So summer is winding down, and it is time to meet my mother dearest after a month gap. Father dearest is a inner-beauty kind of a guy so I know he will be just as welcoming no matter how frumpy I look, but from personal experience, I know mother dearest does this body scan with her eyes when she will come meet me. As per my request from the past years, she will know to keep her opinions to herself, but in the week that I will stay with them, they will come out, in side remarks such as “Your skin used to be so great" “Oh look in this picture when you were in high school you have such defined jaws" “Those jeans would look so much better on someone with thinner legs" etc etc 

I have learned to not take those remarks personally. This is Ammurica! and people are entitled to their opinions, and I understand that the fact that she cares a lot about my appearances is just a natural extension of her motherly love. And it is just better psychologically to consider that getting ready for my reunion with my parents is part of my role as a loving daughter than to think that my mom does not love me the way I look. They are really proud of me, and they derive such joy from gushing how great I am to anyone who would listen. Apparently there are some mothers of HS students that she recently befriended who can’t wait to see me in person after hearing what a wonder woman I am, perfect Jay who balances schoolwork, labwork, faith, and exercise. Considering how this internet-addicted sloth has to transform to this wonderwoman, might as well start now.

This coming week, I have decided to designate as a ‘Burn this Sh!z’ Week, where I will be extra disciplined in terms of both exercise and nutrition.

Exercise goals:

Default: Run 3mi per day, preferably in the morning so that afternoons could be freed for work

Bonus #1: 1000 squats

Bonus #2: 8 min abs, Push-ups.

Reward: Bonus #1 or #2, 40 min tv show of choice; Bonus #1+2: 70 min tv show of choice

Food goals:

In general:

  1. Hungry? Drink 1 cup water, set timer for 10min. Repeat for 30 min. If still hungry, proceed to eat
  2. Count # of chews. Chew as long as you can
  3. Drink a whole bottle of water when you wake up. Don’t eat anything for 30 min
  4. No night snacks. This is going to be the toughest because I get hungry at 10pm, and I have trouble falling asleep when I am hungry. But this is usually when I unintentionally stuff my face, so I am going to try to drink a lot. 

Bonus #1: Run before breakfast. 

Bonus #2: Don’t eat anything for 10 hrs, starting after dinner. 

Reward if Bonus #1 and #2 achieved: Eat lunch of choice! 

Productivity Goals:


  1. Sleep at 12pm, no exceptions. Stop playing phone games (candy crush cough cough) at 11pm
  2. No social media in the mornings. Write, QT, run, meditate, read, whatever. Don’t open laptop
  3. Try 50 min bursts of productivity and 10min free time.
  4. No YouTube during meals. 
  5. Floss after every meal

Reward: Set timer for 15min, then read webtoon of choice. If really craving for laziness, limit to one episode of tv show. 

That should be enough. My goal is to be like this for 5 days out of the 7 I have. If someone could do this 24/7, I would call them wonderwoman. Let’s see how I hold up