The Best Classes at Princeton, Part I

As a freshman, I had no idea what classes to take out of the hundreds offered on the registrar's page each semester. This "Best Classes at Princeton" project aims to highlight some of the most interesting courses junior and senior collegiettes have taken at Princeton. If you'd like to advertise your favorite class, email me at [email protected]!
Name: Rachel
Year: 2014
Major: WWS with NES certificate
What is the best class you've taken at Princeton? Who taught it?
NES 315 War and Politics of the Modern Middle East with Michael Reynolds. 
Why did you like this class so much?
The small seminar format allowed us to look closely at single conflicts in the region, then tie them into larger themes of decision-making and strategy in wartime. 
Was this class for your major or certificate program?
Did this influence your academic plan in any way?
Yes, it confirmed that I want to work on Middle East policy for at least the next few years.
Any advice for the next round of students in this class?
Do as many of the readings as possible each week--there are a lot, but I found them to be really valuable!