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It’s my article and I’ll gush if I want to.

Lesley Gore was a pivotal feminist recording artist. She hit the ground running in the early 1960s, an era where her sound of girly teen angst could shine.

At just 16, she released “It’s My Party,” springing her into national acclaim.

She attended Sarah Lawrence, majored in literature and throughout her career released some of the most empowering songs we’ve heard to this day.

Through college, through growing up, her career remained formative. She sang “You Don’t Own Me” at 17, which became an anthem for the second and third wave of feminism, even covered by the likes of Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse.

She went on to continue writing songs, including “Out Here On My Own” for the film Fame.

In recent years, she hosted multiple episodes of the PBS series “In the Life,” focusing on LGBTQ issues. She also came out as a lesbian in 2005 through an interview with popular LGBTQ website AfterEllen, also stating that she had been with her partner Lois Sassion since 1982.

Gore passed away on February 16th after a long battle with lung cancer. She leaves behind a legacy of great tunes, as an incredible song writer and joyous performer. Let us remember her for this joy and power. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows is what I feel when I listen to her music and always will.

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