Ten Things You Need to Make a Fashion Statement This Winter

Winter of 2012 has already promised to be full of exciting and surprising things - we've seen the re-election of President Obama, the devastation Superstorm Sandy has brought on the east coast, and, of course, an infinite array of trendy tops, pants, and accessories. The 2010s alone have smiled upon our generation with countless trends that we have worn (and worn well, might I add!), and the transition from 2012 to 2013 will be no exception. But with all of the leaps and bounds forward in the fashion world, how do we know which of those jumps will continue to serve us well as we slip into the new year?

Fear not, my fashionista friends: HC Portland has the top ten trends of this winter that will not only keep you trendy well into 2013, but will make you a fashion statement on campus.

1. Flare: Nothing flatters any body type more than this flirty fit with dresses. A little flare on the waist of your dress will not only add a little sass to your look, but also keep it classy. Keep flare to a minimum for a subtle look, or capitolize on it for an especially classy skirt.

              red flare, lace flare, metallic flare, velvet flare

2. Burgundy / Oxblood: These dark hues, similar to the Red Wine trend of earlier this year, promise a sophisticated look that will pull your outfit together. The unexpected color will draw people's eyes to it, but it isn't so trendy that it's alarming or obnoxious. Try this color for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year!

burgundy print jeans, burgundy sweater dress, oxblood sweater, oxblood coated jeans

3. Printed / Coated Jeans: Denim jeans are at it again - those brilliant designers have updated the ever-classic look with a simple twist. Instead of pulling on your dependable blue jeans, use this winter to step out of your comfort zone and into some revamped pants. Printed jeans are promising for those who appreciate the details more, while coated jeans offer a less obvious statement for those who like the dependability and versatility of their jeans.

brown wax coated jeans, red coated jeans, snakeskin print jeans, black brocade jeans

4. Metallics: A classic trend around this time of year are the metallics - typically popular for the holidays (oh hey, New Year's Eve!), metallics have begun slipping into everyday fashion in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. A metallic touch is an easy way to glam up your wardrobe, both for those who are looking for a simple revamp and those who are dedicated to a wardrobe update.

             metallic jeans, metallic blazer, metallic dress, metallic skirt

5. Mixing Textures: Looking for an easy and free way to winter-ize your outfits? Pick out your favorite textures from your wardrobe and throw them on together (with care, of course... we don't want people thinking you couldn't see what you were putting on this morning!). Pairing leather with cashmere, faux fur with knit, or fringe with sequins, you can create trendy outfits and spend little to no money doing it!

                                                         Photo Credit

6. Embellished Collars: The preppy look is one that has not only been consistently fashionable since its humble origins, but is also one that elegantly morphs with each new generation and its respective trends. Currently, a simple embellishment on the collars of blouses has been the most recent way to update preppy pieces - studs and beads add a sophisticated or fun element to your wardrobe.

white studded collar, white collar on black, lavender embellished collar, white embellished silver collar

7. Leather: Easily one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your wardrobe without significant commitment is leather. Leather presents a cool new way to incorporate texture into your style, and ranges from small touches (such as a leather pocket on a shirt) to significant touches (entire shirts or dresses made of leather!).

leather sweater sleeves, leather touch pants, leather peplum top, leather sleeved dress

8. Pastel Sweaters: What typically is a spring trend is coming back for a second time this year - pastels! The softness of cashmere and wool in sweaters balances nicely with the pastel colors often saved for day dresses and flowy tops in the flowery springtime fashions, and are nice contrasts to the rest of the dark colors popular during the winter.

mint crewneck sweater, rose sweater, seafoam green v-neck, lavender crewneck

9. Lace: 2012 often brought back items from past decades that were well-loved by our older colleagues and parents, but lace has been one brought back multiple times for revival. Whether it's on the hem of your skirt or sleeves, or it elegantly covers the entirety of your dress, or is an imprint on your coated jeans, lace continues to be a classy way to dress up even the most drab article of clothing or outfit. Bring together a couple of winter trends, such as lace and metallics, or bring lace to a preppy look.

       metallic lace top, lace preppy top, red lace dress, lace print pants

10. Peplum: Save the trendiest for last! Peplum is one of the most easily recognizable trends of fall and winter 2012, and also one of the easiest to accomodate for each collegiette's unique body shape. Peplum has been praised for its forgiving and flattering shape on every type of woman - it pulls in close to waistlines to give an hourglass shape to even the straightest hips, and the ruffle hides any unwanted pouch that might be there. As a versatile and conservative item, the peplum is workplace appropriate as well, making day-to-night an easy transition for the modern-day collegiette.

zigzag peplum top, gold sequin peplum top, black peplum dress, red frilly peplum

What trends are you most excited for? Do you have any tried-and-true trends that you think will stick around? What trends would you like to see make a comeback this year? Fire-off in the comments section!

Photo collage credit: Julia Kennedy