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Showcasing UP’s Most Stylish: Emily Johnsen!

Spring has finally arrived in Portland! Or so we fashionistas hope. Emily embraced the sunshine today in a lovely patterned sundress, denim jacket, and pink suede wedge booties. Spring fashion at its finest! Read on to learn more about where Emily finds her inspiration and her favorite piece of clothing. Best of all, she loves to shop for deals, and won’t buy something if it isn’t on sale!

Name: Emily Johnsen, 21

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

How would you describe your style? I really go for comfort over anything most of the time. But still try to make it look like I put some effort into my morning. If I lived in a perfect world where it was sunny all the time, I would wear ripped jean shorts every day and some sort of fun, flowy top.

Where do you find your inspiration – stores, magazines, or people watching? Whatever is on sale. I won’t buy anything unless it’s on sale.

Favorite Piece of Clothing:  I like shoes. They can make an outfit. I really like wedges, but I’m so tall I don’t get to wear heels very often. And sandals, like fun, strappy summer sandals. 
Favorite Store: I like used clothing stores, but I love Nordstrom’s Rack. It’s like my go-to.
Currently Wearing:
Denim Jacket [similar]
Patterned Sundress [similar]
Pink boot wedges [similar]
Dangly earrings [similar]

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