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Saturday’s probably my favorite day of the week. This year, one of my best friends, Stephanie, and I decided we wanted to explore Portland more on the weekends. At the same time though, we also needed to get work done on Saturdays. I know what you’re probably thinking, um Victoria, you do work on Saturdays and that’s your favorite day of the week? As crazy as it sounds, yes! But instead of being cooped up in the library on a Saturday we decided to mix it up. Say hello to the concept of Saturdates. What’s a Saturdate? Glad you asked! Here’s how it works:


  • Every Saturday morning, leave campus around 9 am


  • A Local Coffee shop


  •  Enjoy some coffee, vanilla lattes for me and something more Portland for Steph, while working on homework or any other things that need to get done


  • Stephanie & Me

Sounds simple enough right? Here’s the catch, we didn’t allow ourselves to go to the same coffee shop twice. We put this rule in place so we could explore more of Portland. We knew it wouldn’t be that hard to find new coffee shops since it is Portland aka there’s like at least one coffee shop every 50 feet. To help in our quest to find new coffee shops conducive to studying, we got a little help from Yelp and Instagram. I follow an account called CoffeeForHere that showcases different coffee shops.   The hardest part was when we found a coffee shop we really liked. Part of the fun is not going to back to the same shop for another Saturdate.

The result? One of my favorite things about senior year. I’ve known Steph since freshman year of college and we obviously see each other during the week. Sometimes though we’re just so busy that it was nice to have this set thing. Did we go to a coffee shop every Saturday? Okay, no, but sometimes you just have to sleep in and take a Saturday off from homework. Some weeks we would invite some of our other friends to go too. As the saying goes, the more the merrier! They should also add that the more friends you have the less work that’ll probably get done. Even with that, I wouldn’t trade theses Saturdates for anything.

I can even see myself doing this post-grad. I won’t be able to see my friends every day so setting time aside to hang out will be a huge thing. We won’t have homework to do anymore, but we’ll just replace that by updating each other about everything going on in our lives. Sadly, Steph will be in Arizona doing a year of service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some Saturdates over FaceTime right?!

Victoria is a senior marketing major with a sustainability minor at the University of Portland. In her free time, she loves browsing the aisles of Target, exploring Portland and drinking chocolate milk. When in doubt her outfits are almost entirely from Old Navy and you can normally find her in Kenna Hall where she is one of the Resident Assistants. 
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