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Meet Derek Block ’15!

Name: Derek Block

Year: Junior

Major: History/Theology- I want to be a teacher!

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Activities: I’m a Villa RA, I’ve been on CPB, Senate, and a couple service trips! Also, playing guitar and piano, and hiking/rock climbing!

Best UP Memories: One of my favorite memories has got to be my sophomore year man auction skit when we reenacted the jingle bell rock dance from Mean Girls.

Commons or Cove: Commons!

One UP Bucket list item: To scuba dive in the Howard pool.

Most embarrassing moment at UP: Early this semester I got thrown through a panel of the Villa ceiling by David Barton, and Stan Thomspon while Josh Beagle tried to protect me- I’ll never live that one down!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people start say something but then don’t finish their sentence!

Favorite TV Show: I love “The Office”! And “Friends” is always a classic!

Celeb Crush: Katniss, Jennifer Lawerence, right?

Single or taken: Single!

Ideal girl: Someone who will make me laugh, a girl who loves baseball, and someone who loves dogs, kids, and outdoorsy stuff!

Ideal date: ummm…We could watch the movie 148 hours starring James Franco and then go rock climbing with her!

Deal breaker: I wouldn’t date someone who is a chain smoker or if they don’t like dogs, sorry!

Deal maker: A girl with nice eyes really gets me!

Dorothy Olszyk is a communication studies major at the University of Portland. Her interests are journalism and graphic design. She is from Eugene, OR and she loves her hometown artist Mat Kearney. What Dorothy loves about Portland is the PB&J cart on NW 23rd  St. and the 90's dances at the Crystal Ballroom.  
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