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Meet Dan Decker ’15!


Name: Dan Decker

Year: Junior, 2015

Major: Communications, German Minor

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Activities/Clubs: I lived in Schoenfeldt for two years and I’ve been living off campus this past year. I was in Latin Dance for two years and was the president for a semester. To be perfectly honest, like most UP students I sign up for a lot of clubs every year but never follow through with any of them. 

Best UP Memory (so far): Gosh, I have so many good ones. Dressing up as cupid for the last two Valentine’s days and delivering valentines to my friends all while wearing a toga and sandals, regardless of the weather was definitely a highlight.

Commons or Cove: Commons for dinner but lunch at the Cove because of the burgers and the fries—especially the fries. 

One Thing on Your UP Bucket List: Before I graduate, I want to organize a campus-wide game of hide-and-go-seek-tag.

Most Embarrassing Thing at UP: When I got written up after being two minutes past intervis. Embarrassingly enough, it was because I lost track of time while watching Epic Rap Battles of History. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: I have so many, but if I have to pick just one…people who use the word “pet peeve” is my biggest pet peeve.

Favorite TV Show: My current favorite would have to be Sons of Anarchy. My favorite show of all time is Better off Ted.

Celeb Crush: Scarlett Johansson

Single or Taken: Sorry ladies, I’m taken

Ideal Girl: My ideal girl has to have a sense of humor, and especially ok with really corny jokes and awful puns. She has to enjoy reading, has to be very driven, intelligent and independent.

Ideal Date: May 25th (just kidding). We go out to a nice restaurant, have pie and then take some heavy blankets to a park and watch the stars all night.

Deal Breaker: Not communicating when there is something wrong. I don’t like playing guessing games. I’m always upfront and I expect the same when it comes to a girl I’m with.

Hanna attends the University of Portland and is studying Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. Getting lost, adventuring in the Pearl on a cloudy afternoon and eventually ending up in a local coffee shop are some of Hanna’s greatest pleasures in life. Hanna hopes to pursue a career in public relations upon graduation and plans to adopt the “City of Roses” as her new home. She is an avid writer and loves spending time with her favorite American authors, Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut, with a good cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Hanna is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-In-Chief for Her Campus Portland.
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