A Guide for Living with Housemates

Communication is key!

This is the most important tip of all! If there is a problem in the house and you are not liking it, just say it. 


Agree on some ground rules. 

No one likes waking up to an unknown guest in the house or dishes in the sink that haven't been washed in a week. Establishing ground rules with your housemates now will help you avoid potential future conflicts. 

Create a chore list.

Have a conversation with your housemates about what parts of the house need to be kept clean. An assigned chore chart will do the trick in keeping the house looking clean and tidy. 

Respect everyone else’s finances.

Not everyone in your household will have the same finances as you do. Some of your housemates will be able to splurge and some will be on a budget. Keep this in mind when you are planning a house event or purchasing an item for the house.


Get to know each other’s schedules.

Are your roommates' early risers or night owls? Do they have classes in the morning or in the afternoon? Whatever it is, look at where you are able to have your alone time in the room and where you can schedule a lunch with your housemates.


Don’t forget to hang out!

School will get hectic, but regardless of how busy you are, don't forget to spend time with your friends!