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The Boys Are Back In Town: Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Menswear into Your Everyday Outfits

Fashion Week may have come and gone, but menswear for women seems to be one trend that is here to stay.  Menswear inspired pieces for women come in many forms and can help spice up your spring wardrobe.  Here are some simple ways to borrow from the boys and work menswear pieces into your everyday style:

1. Button-Up Shirt:  A men’s shirt is one of the easiest ways to incorporate menswear into your daily looks.  Denim, chambray, and flannel button-ups are all “in” right now but instead of buying them in a women’s fit, try raiding your boyfriend, brother, or best guy friend’s closet for a men’s shirt.  Because these shirts are looser and often longer, they change the silhouette of your outfit and are easy to wear over leggings, tucked into pants, or knotted at the waist with high-waist skirts or shorts.  This shirt can also be belted or layered and adds a chic, easy feel to any look.

2. Blazer: Oh so many options for blazers! While a slim, fitted blazer is universally flattering and should be in every girl’s closet, check out some blazers inspired by men’s suits as well.  A boxy “school boy” fit is a fun option with cute buttons or detailing and can usually be picked up in the boys section of Target, department stores, or even vintage shops.  Pair it with a skirt and headband for a complete Gossip Girl look.  A “boyfriend” fit is another fun look to try.  This blazer is usually longer and boxier and looks great layered over everything from girly dresses to boyfriend jeans. Speaking of…

3. Boyfriend Jeans : These can literally be stolen from your boyfriend, but you might have better luck checking out styles for women from your favorite store.  Most brands of jeans offer a “boyfriend” fit that is looser and often faded or worn.  Looking for a looser fit and a longer inseam? Try Goodwill or vintage stores for some old Levis 501s. You literally cannot go wrong with an old pair of Levis. Try cuffing them and pairing them with a white T-shirt and platforms or oxfords.  Getting ready for summer? Get a high waist pair and cut them into shorts.  You know that perfect pair of denim shorts that’s all over Pinterest? Try making them yourself by experimenting with different cuts, fraying techniques, or even bedazzling. A little DIY never hurt anyone and when a pair of vintage jeans costs $5, the possibilities are endless.

4. Shoes: Sneakers are definitely having a fashion moment with high-end versions gracing the runways of Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, and more.  Add a fun pair of kicks to a more feminine outfit for a fashionable contrast or to make a dressy outfit more casual. Men’s dress shoes are also being interpreted in new and innovative ways for women; look for oxfords in flat and heeled versions to pair with tights or skinny jeans. The right pair of shoes can make an outfit, so be adventurous and try new styles or pairings to amp up your look.

5. Neckwear : Not to go all Avril Lavigne on you, but neckties and bowties for women can look fierce when done right.  The key here is putting together a cohesive look – bowtie, fitted button-up, sharply tailored pants or a pencil skirt, maybe even some heeled oxfords or suspenders if you’re feeling the Alexa Chung look.  Try skinny ties in solid colors and interesting textures or knits.  Small bowties in fun prints can also add some pop to your collegiate look and look great when paired with thick-framed glasses.

Still have questions about whether menswear is right for you? Here are some final tips for taking the first step:
- Browse the men’s or boys’ departments of stores for inspiration. Some of my favorite flannel shirts come from the Target boys section and when there are sales in these departments, men’s items are often marked down more than the women’s version.
- Literally raid someone’s closet.  I’m not ashamed to say that my favorite chambray shirt was stolen from a boyfriend or that I steal my little brother’s patterned button-ups to pair with heels and skinny jeans. The next time your Dad or best guy friend is cleaning out his closet, take some pieces and try them out in your own wardrobe. It’s an easy way to try the menswear look without investing.
- Check out the blog “Women In Menswear” for inspiration - http://womeninmenswear.tumblr.com/
- Actually, check out a variety of fashion blogs and daily outfit ideas online. Once you are on the lookout for it, you’ll be surprised how often men’s pieces inspire or are incorporated into celebrity and stylist looks.

Now you’re ready to go! Grab your oxfords, boyfriend jeans, bowtie, or blazer and try out your new look today! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter how the menswear for women style works for you.

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