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So what is this Her Campus thing?

Welcome to Her Campus Pomona! We are so glad to have you!

Her Campus Pomona is a branch of Her Campus magazine, a national online publication for college women, which offers stories and advice on anything from health and fashion to careers and relationships.

The content on Her Campus Pomona is directed particularly at the women of our school, and is created exclusively by student journalists and artists. We feature news, profiles, a photo blog and more. Her Campus Pomona is smart and sexy: sometimes serious, sometimes provocative, and always fun. We want to write about the things Pomona girls want to read about, so don’t hesitate to share!

Her Campus Pomona is your online platform, so feel free to:

  • Comment on articles and blogs to start a larger discussion

  • Vote on our weekly polls and see what others think

  • Nominate a Campus Cutie (a boy and a girl featured every week) and learn fun facts about them

  • Email us with article ideas and suggestions, or if you would like to contribute contact Savina at [email protected] and Nina at [email protected]

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