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New Year, New Everything

The other day my friend, recently out of a relationship, was replacing pictures of her ex-boyfriend with pictures of her girlfriends. The wonderful lady who takes care of her dorm walked by and asked about the pictures. “I just broke up with my boyfriend,” my friend said. “Which is why I am replacing all the pictures.”
“Oh,” the housekeeping lady chirped. “New Year, new everything!”
Happy New Year, ladies! A little late but still. Let’s celebrate it with new relationships, new adventures, new goals, new books to read, new places to visit, new food to try, new skills to learn and new bad habits to toss—or acquire.
I am hopeful for 2011. Maybe this is the year we get the jobs we want. And move to the places we fantasize about. And meet the people who have been waiting for us. And write the stories we have been dreaming at night.  
Maybe this is the year we grow five more inches of courage and pick the higher-hanging fruit that was out of reach before. 
Maybe this is the year we see ourselves—and fall in love.
Maybe this is the year we start a magazine.
Enjoy and keep in touch!
With love,

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