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Explore Your Dorm Room: Favorite Sex Positions

Nothing makes really great sex absolutely mind-blowing like experimentation. New positions, fantasy fulfillment, sex toys, dirty talk, role play, you name it. But today, consider this: the utilitarian furniture in your dorm room is naughtier than you expected. And it can take you to heights of pleasure your bed doesn’t even know about. (If you’re having trouble visualizing some of the positions in italics, check out this interactive website!)

The Desk
Sometimes you just need to push all the clutter to the ground and use your desk in more stimulating ways. The desk + chair combination will present you with inexhaustible possibilities for exploration. For example, try sitting on your desk and have your partner stand in front of you, either holding your legs or supporting your lower back/bottom area. (If your bulletin board is right above your desk, make sure you don’t stab yourself with any stray pushpins.) Or do the opposite: have your partner sit on the chair, facing the desk, and mount him from above, supporting yourself on the surface of the desk. If your arms get tired, you can easily hop all the way onto the chair, securing your feet on either side of your lover, and just bounce up and down for a bit while they go crazy under you. Mix and match between these and the traditional standing doggy style or slightly bent bodyguard, using the desk for arm support. 
The Chair
Even without the desk, your chair alone is exciting enough. With one foot on the seat and the other one stable on the ground, you will open up a few different angles for intercourse or oral stimulation. But do sit down at some point (on top of your partner) because that’s one of the best things in the world. Facing them will feel very intimate and every movement of your body will have an effect. If you chose to face the other way, experiment with the angle at which your legs are open, as different positions give different sensations.   
The Door
The doorframe (the one between your room and your private hallway or bathroom, not the one to the hall!) is a good place for acrobatics because it provides you with enough points of support in a limited space. Use some yoga moves and explore a rear entry in which one of your legs is stretched high up on the wall or is resting on the handle (of the open door pushed to the wall). Or, if you’ve been working out those arms, hold yourself up by the top of frame and see what’s up. Your partner should be able to help share the weight.
The Couch
When it comes to sex, your couch is so much more than a bed mostly for one reason: its back. Use it for variations of cowgirl, the lap dance position, or a wide variety of opportunities for oral pleasure (for both). My personal favorite: perched on the back of the couch, legs wide open.
The Bathroom
A whole new world! For hygienic reasons you should probably save the toilet seat for its main functions. But consider two exciting areas for exploration: the sink and the shower. 
The sink surface: Essentially could be used just like your desk (or any other convenient flat surface) with the major added bonus of a mirror! Sometimes looking at yourselves while having a great time is immensely sexy, and could satisfy the common complaint that a lot of sex positions make it impossible to see either your lover’s back or front. If you are sharing a bathroom, make sure you clean up after yourselves!
The shower: Play around standing up against a wall or use a shower chair. If your partner is strong enough to hold you up for extended periods of joy, please enjoy, and keep in mind that I am very jealous. If you have a removable shower head, don’t hesitate to use it during foreplay. However, keep in mind that water might wash away some of your natural body lubricants that help during sex: don’t get too clean!
And of course… The Bed, but that’s a completely different story.

Do you have a favorite dorm room position not mentioned here? Please share!

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