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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pomona chapter.

Kelly and Catherine recover from their Oscar fever and tell us what they saw and thought about the actresses’s glamorous getups. Here’s the best&worst of this year’s Oscar fashion:

Melissa Leo

C: This supporting actress may have won the Oscar, but no thanks to this dress. It’s a whole lot of white and a whole lot of lace that, like ScarJo’s dress, gives off the tablecloth vibes. That collar also makes the entire look lose any Oscar-worthy credibility it may have had without it. 4/10

K: I’m not the biggest fan of the dress. The lace idea was daring and could have looked awesome, but Melissa Leo just falls flat in the execution. The fit and length are just too awkward, as well as the square shoulders and popped collar (never acceptable). 3/10

Average score: 3.5

Mila Kunis

C: Since her rather awkward days on That 70’s Show, Mila has grown into her beauty and learned how to work a dress. A clever mix of a pastel color and revealing lace, this gown was both beautiful and sexy at the same time, which is not an easy feat. She knocked all of the actual Oscar nominees out of the park with this one. 10/10

K: Mila. Kunis. Killed. It. I’m 99% sure that Catherine will agree with me that Mila Kunis knocked this one out of the park. Her delicate Ellie Saab dress and romantic updo were the perfect complement to each other, as well as the teardrop diamond earrings she chose. Also, the lace/chiffon detailing on her dress was exquisite. 10/10

Average score: 10

Jennifer Lawrence

C: Jennifer Lawrence looks pretty fierce, but to me it’s not an appropriate look for the biggest night in Hollywood. With the flowing blonde hair, overdone make-up, and solid-color fire-engine red dress, she looks a little more like a porn star than an Oscar-nominated actress. 6/10

K: Jennifer Lawrence followed the minimalist-chic trend of the night and looked positively stunning. I’m slightly hesitant about her hair and makeup because I think that it was a little too beach-y for the Oscars, but I will never complain about a Calvin Klein dress. 8/10

Average score: 7

Halle Berry

C: The color of this dress was perfect with Halle’s skin tone, and while the bottom gets a little too crazy for me, this sparkly number screams glitz and glamour. 8.5/10

K: After seeing her Oscar dress this year, I almost forgive Halle Berry for the horrible dress she wore when she won her own Oscar. This creamy Marchesa confection has the perfect amount of frothy tulle and delicate beading to take her to the best dressed list. Plus, no one works the pixie haircut harder than Halle Berry. Except maybe Natalie Portman. 9/10

Average score: 8.75

Natalie Portman 

C: While I’m sure it’s difficult to find a dress to wear to the Oscars when you’re pregnant, I was hoping to be stunned by her dress the way I was by her performance in Black Swan. This dress was pretty, but not much more. Not to mention those earrings added nothing to the look. 7/10

K: Natalie Portman’s pregnancy glow was perfectly accentuated by her eggplant off-the-shoulder dress and with her new lighter hair color, she’s never looked prettier. That being said, I wasn’t the biggest fan of her tassel earrings and thought that she could have taken a bit more of a risk on her big night. 8/10

Average score: 7.5

Nicole Kidman:

C&K: For someone as classy and experienced (both acting-wise and red-carpet-wise) as Nicole Kidman, she really disappointed this year. It was a mix of overdone, mismatched embroidery and unflattering shapes, especially around the hips. It seemed like the dress was overcompensating for its lack of color. 2/10

Score: 2

Hilary Swank

C: This gown was gorgeous from head to toe, from the glittery gold top to the flowing, feathery grey bottom. I don’t think Hilary has every looked this glamorous! 9/10

K: Hilary Swank takes a couple risks with this dress, and her risks pay off as she looks classic and stunning. The beaded top and ombre trim of the dress is gorgeous, although I think that it would have looked better with slightly less feathers to busy up the bottom. 9/10

Average score: 9