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What’s In My Bag: Her Campus Point Park Staff Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

I’m not sure what is it with wanting to know about the contents in people’s bags, but it really interests me. You can really figure a person out by what they carry around with them.  If you ever wanted to know what the staff of Her Campus Point Park carries around all day here’s your lucky chance. I can honestly say we have the most interesting writers, from hockey pucks, to movie tickets all the way from Jamaica, the staff did not disappoint. Check it out below:

1. Allie Duda

Gum, Phone, iPod, Flash drive, Planner, Lipstick, Pen

2. Rebekah Mohrmann

Hockey puck, Wallet, Hockey ticket, Playbill

3. Me (Shalida)

An apple, Wallet, Pen, Fifty Shades of Grey, Keys, EOS lip balm, Almay lip balm, Hand sanitizer, Wonder Woman Lego keychain, Point Park I.D. case, Gum

4. Shayna Mendez

Camera, Lanyard, Point Park pen, Movie tickets from Jamaica, Mini perfumes, EOS lip balm, Lipstick, phone

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