Top 7 Phineas and Ferb Songs

There are only two men in my life that have not disappointed me… and they know how to build a rollercoaster and fight a mummy.

Although most of my peers’ love for Phineas and Ferb dwindled down after elementary school, my affection for the brothers lives on. The Disney Channel cartoon provided viewers with zany characters, annoying catchphrases, and the message of making the most out of each day. But, even more importantly, there was a platypus as a main character.

As a former theatre nerd, there is nothing in life that draws me in quite like a musical number. Fortunately, creators of Phineas and Ferb gave me plenty of bops to rave about.


7. Disco Miniature Golfing Queen


If you can’t respect a disco bop while miniature golfing, then what’s the point? At a length of one minute and sixteen seconds, this song is a quickie but a goodie. I am a Mamma Mia! fanatic, I like to believe this is the producers’ way of nodding at ABBA’s work.



6. Brand New Best Friend


This song was featured in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. As Dr. Doofenshmirtz is easily my favorite character in the series, this song lets me live out the fantasy of not one but two Heinz Doofenshmirtzs.



5. Gitchee Gitchee Goo


A Phineas and Ferb classic jam that even your mom probably knows. Beyond the catchiness, it is truly beautiful to see the Flynn-Fletcher children singing along together to create this one hit wonder of Phineas and the Ferbtones.



4. Queen of Mars


I was an Ashley Tisdale stan throughout my childhood, so I deeply respect a catchy Candace solo. As the aliens crown Candace their ruler the ultimate lyric is, “Though without a friend in the world, I was forced to find a new one.”



3. You Snuck Your Way Right Into my Heart


This song is the 80s power ballad I didn’t know I needed. It took place during Love Händel’s Farewell and Reunion concert that Phineas & Ferb set up for their parents. It has actual heartfelt lyrics but mixed with “like a ninja of love rappelling down from above.” What more could one ask for?



2.  Ain’t Got Rhythm


This song goes HARD. The buildup from the different library items they use to add rhythm is magical. Not only was this nominated for an Emmy in 2008, it was a meme in 2017. So, yeah, the positive effects of this song has lasted years. It is perfectly catchy and clever, which is an ultimate combination for any P&F song.


1. Busted


The iconic power duo that is Candace and Vanessa takes the cake for my top Phineas and Ferb song. It’s catchy while still having a bit of an edge that many P&F songs don’t have. If I ever live out my fantasy of being in a punk rock girl band, I will rage until we cover this song. Busted is really the song that makes me bust a move.