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Title IX is here and ready to take a stance at Point Park

This article was written by Samiar Nefzi
Students that have been victims of sexual harassment, bullies, have been targeted by hateful words can now bring their accusations to  Point Park Administrators, charged with following federal laws on these issues.
Elizabeth Rosemeyer, Title IX  coordinator,  is the woman heading the team to ensure safety and a level of peacefulness for the whole student body.
“I want to create a community were people feel comfortable reporting,” said Rosemeyer.
Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any school sanctioned program or activity where a student feels like they’re being discriminated because of their sex, gender, or because people feel like they don’t fit societies gender stereotype. 
Over the past two years,  the Title IX administrator at Point Park has seen 45 reported cases. There has been a decrease from the  2014-2015 year there were 30 reported cases, and during the 2015-2016 year there were 15 reported cases. 
This law is placed to ensure that all students feel safe, comfortable, and a can pursue an education without anyone infringing on that. Rosemeyer says her main goal when anyone makes a report is to pursue “what the student wants.” 
Rosemeyer stated her main goal is to educate students and inform them that they don’t have to take any abuse. It starts when you first arrive at freshmen orientation, where they tell you about when to tell if someone is consenting to sex or not.
The Title IX team has held various events like the “Breaking the silence against Sexual Violence” and a sponsored table at the Condom Carnival.
The second annual  “Breaking the Silence against Sexual Violence” event, which is sponsored by Title IX, will be held in April to promote awareness against sexual violence, according to Rosemeyer.
If someone feels like they have been a victim of an incident that falls under a Title IX infringement, “They should talk to someone,” Rosemeyer said. Remember that there is a staff here dedicated to making sure you feel safe on your campus. 
“I feel that it’s a great thing for schools to have. It helps for students of both sexes to feel protected,” said freshman Mira Bailey.
Transfer Student Casey Hoolahan stated that she appreciates the Point Park handles these situations;  “I like that instead of shying awash from potentially uncomfortable topics, Point Park addresses it clearly.”
Transfer student Jena Kudlik said, “I feel that it’s a very powering tool for students to have when confronting these situations,” when talking about the video from orientation.
If you have been a victim or think you might have been a victim of an incident that falls under Title IX, you can reach out to the team. Elizabeth’s office is located in Academic Hall on the eight floor.
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