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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

I started watching Sex and the City when I was nine years old. The same time I decided to be a writer was the same time I got hooked on Carrie Bradshaw. At the time it seemed like she had it all. I wanted to be a writer and I wanted to be like her. Great friends, great shoes, and an apartment in New York City.  I wanted people to know my name because they knew about my column and I wanted to date all of the men I could handle.

Flash forward thirteen years later, and I’m a broke college student/writer living in Pittsburgh with a great group of friends, a couple pairs of shoes, and I date maybe once every two years. But I’m not bitter, you know why? Sex and the City is a show. I learned a while ago that the life I wanted was based solely on fiction.  To be completely honest, Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t even be able to be Carrie Bradshaw. There is no way she had the salary to buy Manolo’s every week. She had a column, and besides that what else did she do?  Nothing. Her apartment was way too nice for the job she had. Oh, and let’s not even get started on Mr. Big. Why did I ever want a relationship like that? It was so unhealthy, she should have stayed with Aidan!

But even with the strong unrealistic expectations there are a few similarities. I have a blog that people read and know me for (that is what I wanted, to be known for my writing.) I’ve had my shared of bad boyfriends, and bad dates (great writing material). I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends, and even though it may not be a Hollywood written script, my life is everything I wanted it to be at twenty two. Well, there are few things I would change, but mostly everything I ever wanted.

At nine I told my mom I wanted to be a writer, not necessarily famous, just a writer. That is exactly what I am, a writer, and one of the biggest similarities is that I still believe in love, we all have a soulmate right? So, in a way my childhood dream to be Carrie Bradshaw kind of came true.