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matt walsh uiuc protest
matt walsh uiuc protest
Original photo by Grace McCormick
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

In life we all have choices, but some things are not things we can control. For example, being a victim of harassment. When most of us get ready in the morning we choose the clothing we like. The clothing we wear is for ourselves and no one else. In today’s culture we run into a popular issue called “sl** shaming.” Sl** Shaming means someone is outwardly judging another individual’s lifestyle, way of dressing, or ideas. Humans are judgemental creatures naturally, it was a way for us to survive, but those times are long gone and we have to stop putting our personal views, or beliefs on other people.

If a girl wants to wear a low cut shirt that is her choice. She bought the shirt, and she decided to wear it because she thought it was nice. Calling her a sl** is wrong, and it is espeically hurtful coming from another woman. We still live in a fairly male dominated world, we still don’t make the same amount of income for the same jobs as men, and we still get discriminated against because of our sexual organs, which happens to be the ONLY thing that sets us apart from men. So when a woman tells another woman that she is a sl** for wearing a low cut top, or tighter jeans than theirs, they are not only putting her down, but they are putting themselves down, and pushing us back to the generations of women before us. The amount of sexual partners a woman, or man for that matter, has does not determine the kind of person they are. Whatever we decided to do with our bodies is our choice.

Instead of putting someone down, lift them up. Appreciate them for being an individual in a sometimes dull world. Judge someone on the way they treat you and other people, not the way they dress, or how many sexual partners they have. If you looked in the mirror would you be the definition of perfection?