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Seasonal Cold Essentials

As the weather starts to change toward winter, it can sometimes cause your casual allergies to progress to a season cold. Here are some of my essentials that always help me feel better when I’m feeling under the weather.

1. Water. Gatorade. Tea. Juice.

DRINK ALL THE FLUIDS. As your body is fighting off the cold, you need to replenish the fluids so you don’t become dehydrated and feel even worse.

2. Tissues

Whether for sneezing or a stuffy nose, you can never have too many tissues. I always get the extra soft Kleenexes so that I don’t dry out my skin and cause more irritation.

3. Soup and Grilled Cheese

Good for sick days or rainy days, soup and grilled cheese remain a go to comfort food that’s always good, no matter what. Easily customizable, many people prefer tomato soup with their sandwich but I tend to go for chicken noodle or Italian wedding with extra cheese, please!

4. Cookies

A personal must have, cookies always make me feel better whenever I’m down and especially if I’m sick. Recently, I’ve been loving the cookies from Dibella’s subs here in Market Square. Soft, chewy, and chocolatey, there’s no sickness a good cookie can’t fix!

5. Blankets

Whenever I’m sick, I just want to curl up in bed and sleep. But when the chills and aches come in, I can never seem to get warm enough. Which is why I’m always a proponent of piling blanket after blanket on while I lay on the couch and watch a movie or hockey game.

6. Good movies, books, and music

If you’re lucky enough to convince your mom to let you stay home from school or class, you’re going to need something to do while you’re on couch rest. But not homework, because who wants to do homework when they’re sick? Make sure to grab all your favorite books and movies with your phone, laptop, headphones, and chargers before you settle in for your day of rest and recuperation.


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