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Scream Queens vs. American Horror Story: Who is the real winner?

Unless you live under a rock this fall, you probably heard of two tv seasons rocking Netflix, cable television, and your streaming preferences- yes, I am talking about Scream Queens and American Horror Story.  Both of these shows deliver chilling scares, comic relief, and both come from the same writer and director- Ryan Murphy.

Murphy’s first season of American Horror Story launched all the way back in 2011. American Horror Story: Murder House was instant critical and commercial success. It was creepy, sinister, and deliciously thrilling. The next two seasons, Asylum and Coven were just a fresh as Murder House and even gained more audience views. Coven, however is where Ryan Murphy got the idea for Scream Queens.

In Coven, Emma Roberts played the uptight diva Madison Montgomery. Roberts portrayal of Madison was equally hilarious and iconic (I mean, who could forget, “Surprise B**ch”?! Classic). Ryan Murphy was so impressed with Roberts, that he started writing Scream Queens with her in mind.

Scream Queens​, which stars Roberts, is about a sorority house under attack of the murderous “Red Devil.” Though that sounds horrifying, Scream Queen is like a mix of Glee and American Horror Story; terrifying yet comical. The show has been a huge success this fall, however, we can’t forget American Horror Story. Hotel is the name of this season and we only have word to describe it: GAGA. Yes, pop mega-star Lady Gaga is one of lead characters in the series and is killing it as the Countess.

SPOILER ALERT: The countess is a blood thirsty, sex driven vampire, who truly only seeks love. Oh, doesn’t that sounds so deliciously heartbreaking? Besides Gaga, Hotel is at a whole new level of creepy for AHS. There are mutated creatures, evil ghosts, and the wickedly talented Kathy Bates. Screams Queens and American Horror Story both have similar qualities, but there can be only one winner. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.


Winner: American Horror Story: Hotel

There is nothing scarier on television then American Horror Story. This season proves that again and again. From hideous creatures popping out from the mattresses to the creepy Countess –AHS wins in the chills factor.



Winner: Scream Queens


Scream Queens’s plot is captivating; you need to know what happens next. Who is the Red Devil? Is it Chanel? Is it Chanel number one, three or five? The story keeps you wanting more and more. Hotel’s plot seems a little lost and confusing. It wasn’t until the 3rd episode that I started to follow along.

Celebrity Stars:

Winner: American Horror Story: Hotel

I mean, Lady freaking Gaga is on this season. Need I say more? Well, of course there is the ever so yummy, Matt Bomer too (*heart eyes*). Scream Queens, however doesn’t disappoint in celebrities either. Arianna Grande, Nick Jonas, and Jamie Lee Curtis all star in the series, but nothing will beat Gaga and Bomer.


Winner: Scream Queens

Everything about Scream Queens will have you laughing. The Chanels, Lea Michele, deaf Taylor Swift, and of course, don’t forget MISS DENISE HEMPFIELD! Scream Queens beautifully mixes laughs and scares to deliver us a terrific show. American Horror Story; Hotel is strictly chills. If you are looking to laugh while watching AHS, I would switch the channel now.



Winner: Scream Queens

Shirtless Nick Jonas, murderous sorority girls, “Chaneloween?” TV GOLD. There is just something that draws you into Scream Queens. Everything about it is just so fresh and new. American Horror Story: Hotel only has Lady Gaga to back it up.

And the winner is….


Scream Queens! Yes, this what you should be watching this fall! It’s funny, scary and truly something that will keep you wanting more. American Horror Story: Hotel is good, yet, they seem to be only focusing on Lady Gaga which could hurt them in the long run. Now start watching Scream Queens and maybe you can be Chanel No.7!



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