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Punch by Autoheart: Album Review

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

Just over a year ago, my best friend Caroline showed me a song that happened to pop up on her Spotify Discover Weekly playlist because she thought I’d like it. The song was Agoraphobia by Autoheart, and she was so right.

I began to look into the band a bit more and discovered their album titled Punch, released in 2013. They haven’t made much music since, just one other album in 2016 titled I Can Build A Fire. Punch, however, quickly became one of my favorite albums of all time.

Here’s a rundown of the songs on the album. Please note that I tried to list them in order of my favorites but just couldn’t decide.



Track four on the album, track one in my heart. This song is definitely the slowest, but it’s just so beautiful. The lyrics describe someone experiencing a depressive episode that is leaving them unable to leave the house. This is reflected in the title, which means the fear of going outside. The subject of the song is going through an extremely difficult time but having trouble admitting they need help.


“No need to be hospitalized

to make me realize

I’ve got a problem no I haven’t

leave me be”


The angelic voice of lead singer, Jody Gadsden, paired with the moving lyrics makes this song the most beautiful and touching on the album.



This song is definitely a change from Agoraphobia. It’s quick and upbeat and seems happy until you really listen to the lyrics. Ironically, this song comes right after Agoraphobia, which is a major, yet much needed, change of pace. This song is about being unsure where you stand with someone and feeling unsure if it’s better to stay or go in a relationship. It feels as though you’re stuck and can’t figure out what is the best next move for you.


“Never gonna allocate

all of this dark hate

stuck in the middle

middle of it”


The song describes feeling trapped, although the fun, upbeat sound would never suggest such a dark meaning.


Hungover In The City Of Dust

This is another song that begins with Jody Gadsden’s angelic vocals but picks up at the bridge. This song describes feeling distant from all your loved ones and feeling like a shell of your former self. I assume this feeling is the result of a traumatic event that changes who you once were. It feels as though you are trying so desperately to find who you once were and go back to that, but you cannot.


“Let our minds run around in circles

while we figure it all out”


The major pickup in the bridge describes the chaos one may feel while trying to figure out what is going on inside their mind.



Finally! A song that is upbeat AND has happy lyrics! This song is the first track on the album and is probably just there to ease listeners in to what’s to come. This song is about being in love with someone who may be a little insecure about the relationship. The main point is informing them that you will never give up on them or the relationship. It’s simple, but it’s adorable. Just a super sweet love song.



Another happy love song! This one seems more like a fantasy, dreaming of one day living in Moscow with the love of your life. The lyrics describe being with someone who you love and want to spend your life with. You are full engulfed in the relationship and have never been happier. Everything is alright with that person with you.


“All I need is a fraction of your happy heart

all I need is you”


Just a pure, adorable, happy love song!



Well, we’re back to the sad stuff. This song seems to describe feeling like your problems are a burden to those you love. Similarly, the singer could feel guilty for people trying to help him, as he feels as though he is beyond all help and should just be left. Nevertheless, this person does their best to help him get through his trials, no matter how hard it may be.


“I feel the unbearable weight

I sense the ripping of my shame”


The Witching Hour

Not gonna lie, this one’s a bit hard to listen to. This song is about losing someone you love. Although it could be interpreted as them just no longer being in your life, I see it as being about death.


“You will always hold a percentage of my heart

even though in human form we are apart”


The lyrics and slow pace make this song difficult to listen to sometimes. The song makes me feel like the writer has had firsthand experience with a really traumatic loss.



This song is definitely a contradiction to previous ones like Anniversary and Moscow. It’s a break-up song about trying to figure out where things went wrong. It begins with someone packing their bags and leaving their keys behind when they leave.


“I haven’t a clue as to where I may go

but I know it will not be with you”


It then goes on to describe how the couple lost control of the relationship and could not keep it together.



Another song that’s a bit difficult to listen to. It’s about someone who hurt you continually trying to rekindle the relationship you once had. Maybe it is about a romantic relationship, but it could definitely just be about friends. The other person hurt you in some way and seems unapologetic about it, but you’re still recovering from what they did and can’t speak with them.


“It is tragic how I am suffering and you are not at all”.


Santa Fe

This song is the opposite of January. It describes a scene where the singer is the one who hurt someone. It’s about hoping and praying that someone will forgive you for what you did, but knowing deep down that you don’t deserve to be forgiven. You are ready to face the consequences of what you did and have a lot of regrets about it.

“I agree with everything that’s coming my way”



Surprise! This one is sad too. This song is about having your heart broken, but not nearly for the first time.


“I have fought this battle more than once”


The singer is exhausted from the pain previous relationships have caused him and feels like, although he has no choice, he can’t possibly go one more day without the person who left him.


The Sailor Song

Okay! Last one! Another song about a failed relationship… Are we sensing a theme here? Similar to Lent, this song is upbeat with sad lyrics. It’s about contemplating leaving your partner behind and running away from them and all things that remind you of them.


“I never really had it in me, did I, did I?”


The singer is seemingly starting to doubt if he’ll ever find a love he can hold on to.


Okay, I know this whole album sounds extremely sad, but it’s GOOD, you guys. Believe me. The imagery and symbolism in the lyrics paired with the lead singers angelic voice makes this album truly beautiful.

Mya Burns

Point Park '21

Junior Multimedia student at Point Park University. I love writing, reading, and photography, and I hope to one day work for a fashion magazine like Elle UK or Cosmopolitan. I am bisexual and very proud of it; I'm also active in the community and am very interested in being as informed as I possibly can be about social issues and reform.