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Places You Haven’t Seen (But Should!) In Pittsburgh

As you know, Pittsburgh is filled with plenty of attractions such as PNC Park, the Andy Warhol Museum and the ever-popular-prom-photo-spot, Mt. Washington. However, there are so many other places to see that many people who live in or visit Pittsburgh are unaware of. A lot of these attractions are typically where we pass by on a daily basis, and if not, they are pretty easy to find. So here are the top 10 attractions in Pittsburgh that you need to check out if you haven’t yet!

1. The Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History


This small museum has tons of antiques dating all the way back to the 19th century. Located right outside of the city, this little museum is full of cool exhibits, and is always looking for more things to put on display. Definitely a must-go!

2. Kayak Pittsburgh


Although it is a little cold right now to be thinking of kayaking, most have no idea that our 3 rivers have this great activity! Located on the North Shore, this boathouse has group activities and other fun things to offer.

3. The Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning (Pitt’s big tower)


Inside of these different nationality rooms, you can visit over 20 different nationalities and learn so much in just one visit. It’s highly recommended if you’re looking to expand your cultural horizons!

4. Schenley Park


Besides offering one of the most beautiful views you will ever witness from the top of the park, there’s also a swimming pool in the summer and a skating rink during the wintertime. It’s a great park to bike through as well.

5. Point State Park


Better known as the place where the 40-foot duck was, this beautiful park has many festivals throughout the year as well as a gorgeous regatta during the summer. Watching fireworks throughout the year from The Point is also unbelievable.

6. Hollywood Theater in Dormont


This vintage theater is home to many natives from the area and the Rocky Horror Picture Show for a couple months throughout the year. Additionally, it has dozens old movies playing all of the time. It’s just an overall amazing experience to see a movie that was made when you weren’t even alive in an actual theater!

7. USS Requin


This attraction is a part of the Carnegie Science Center and charges only $5 dollars for an amazing adventure. This WWII submarine offers a unique look at the three rivers and also includes a torpedo inside! It’s a really fun spot to visit at any point of the year.

8. Engine House 25


From hosting your wedding to having a dinner reception, and anything in between, this space serves as both a photography studio and a museum. The museum is full of Roberto Clemente pieces and is dedicated primarily to him. The three floors of amazing scenery happen to be right in the heart of Lawrenceville and are definitely worth the trip.

9. Carnegie Coffee Company


This restored post office dating back to the early 20th century is now a two-story coffee shop with a pharmacy enclosed. With authentic Italian-brewed Illy coffee, it is the only place in Western PA authorized to serve it. Easy to find and relaxing to spend time in, this coffee shop has many amazing features, including a library built in and yoga on Sundays (plus I’m biased because I work here).

10. New Amsterdam


Located in Lawrenceville, this refurbished restaurant offers a great atmosphere, especially in the summer months. With the opened windows and great bar seats, the good eats just come easy! Offering a “yinz burger” with pierogies on it, it doesn’t get much more Pittsburgh. A lot of restaurants in the area are great too, but New Amsterdam is set aside for its wonderful tribute to the Steel City.

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