Our Favorite Moments From The Grammys

In case you missed it, the 59th annual Grammys were held last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show was filled with stellar performances, beautiful speeches, and lots of suprises. Here are our top eight moments!

1. Chance The Rapper's Best New Artist Speech

Photo Credit: www.hotnewhiphop.com

I actually laughed out loud when Chance The Rapper said "Oh Imma talk you can play the music if you want" . Shoutout to him for not letting the Grammy's speech time limit take away from his big moment!

2. Twenty One Pilots Pantless Award Acceptance

Photo credit: www.latimes.com

This is one of my favorite acceptance speeches of all time. After winning the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance the two removed their pants to accept their award, stating that way back before they were big they vowed if they ever won a Grammy they would except it in their underwear. But perhaps the best part of their speech was their statement that "anyone from anywhere can do anything". 

3. Adele's George Michael Tribute

Photo credit: www.time.com

Honestly who cares that she stopped and restarted? She taught everyone a valuable lesson, that it is better to go back and do it right rather than let it continue as it is. (Although I thought she was killing it from the start). In the end, it was a beautiful tribute to a amazing musician that left us too soon.

4. Ed Sheeran's Performance

Photo credit: www.eonline.com

No matter how many times I see Ed Sheeran perform, I continue to be blown away every single time he takes the stage. Accompianed by just his loop pedal, Ed showed us again why he is one of the most talented artists of our generation.

5. Bruno Mars's Prince Tribute

Photo credit: www.eonline.com

After this performance I am convinced that Bruno Mars would be the perfect person to play Prince in a biopic. Bruno crushed it, and honored the legend in a way only Bruno could.

6. Adele's Album of The Year Acceptance Speech

Photo credit: www.latimes.com

25 was a fantastic album, and I absolutley love it, but it did not have the cultural impact that Lemonade did. And even Adele recognized that Beyonce should be taking home that Grammy. She gave Bey a shoutout, and by the end of her speech nearly everyone was in tears. You go Adele, humility for the win! 

7. Chance The Rapper's Performance

Photo credit: www.variety.com

Chance appears not once, but twice on our list! His performance was absouley beautiful and heartwarming, Who doesn't love a good choir? 

8. Beyonce's performance

And last but obviously not least, the masterpiece of a performance Beyonce put on. As if we already didn't think she was a goddess?