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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.
Madison Taylor is a senior journalism major here at Point Park behind the popular fashion blog, Chic & Chai. Most people know her on campus for being the fashion blogger and fashion model. Madison has accomplished a lot for a twenty-one year old college student, so there is no mystery as to why she’s our Campus Celeb for the week!
HC: Why did you choose Point Park?
MT: I always knew that I wanted to pursue journalism, and The School of Communication has a great reputation.
HC: What do you like most about journalism?
MT: Whether I’m writing hard news or features, I love having the ability to share people’s stories. Journalism can connect us in so many ways. 
HC: What made you start a fashion blog?
MT: After running my own style column in my high school’s newspaper, I was constantly being asked questions about fashion. I later spent a year interning with CollegeFashionista.com as a fashion writer and street style photographer. When my internship ended, I still really wanted to share my style snapshots and advice, so I took the plunge and created my own site.
HC: How did you become a model?
MT: I did a lot of networking in Pittsburgh’s fashion industry throughout high school. Soon enough, makeup artists and stylists began recommending me for shoots.
HC: You had a chance to visit the Teen Vogue NYC office, how was that opportunity?
MT: It was incredible, and really inspiring! I received awesome advice from the Teen Vogue editors and even some other major industry professionals, like Michelle Phan, Aliza Licht, and Erika Bearman. I also made a lot of fashionable friends from all over the world.
HC: Do you plan on staying in Pittsburgh?
MT: I don’t see myself living here permanently. I’m ready to explore other cities and go wherever my career takes me. But Pittsburgh will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m sure I’ll visit frequently. 
HC: Can you share any new projects you’re working on for your blog?
MT: I have had the pleasure of working with a jewelry company called Rocksbox for the past several months, and I am so excited that our partnership is continuing! I’ve also been working on some guest posts for Maniac Magazine and previewing Primark’s US opening. I may be expanding my content to YouTube as well!
HC: Any advice for Point Park students that are thinking about starting a fashion blog?
MT: Take advantage of your electives! Digital Photography and Visual Communication Design are helpful courses for aspiring bloggers!
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