If You Don’t Already Know Her, You Will: Meet Dominique

If you’re like me and don’t typically listen to electronic pop, you may have never heard of Dominique. Trust me when I say that won’t last much longer.  

Photo courtesy of Dominique

The unsigned and independent artist from New York City released her debut single “Its Only You” in 2014 and followed with her next single “Don’t”. Despite her undeniable talent, she didn’t begin to gain attention until her cover of Cassie’s “Me & U” was featured on Buzzfeed for their post “27 Brilliant Songs You Need In Your June Playlist”. Since then she has released a new track titled “Use Me”, her most self-reflecting song to date, which is a must for every fall playlist.

Let me start by saying that her music would be perfect for festivals, concerts, raves, or just a night in your room. Her songs are universal and unique to say the least; they take you to another place, all you have to do it close your eyes. I’m a very visual person, so this album is making me imagine all these really cool video shoots that I wish I had the skill and time to do.

The best way to describe her music is like a sunset; it’s a blend of different components. Her songs have these components and factors that are all necessary to create something really beautiful and unique. Take her single “It’s Only You”: it starts off with a simple beat followed by a series of claps, and with each new instrument and sound being introduced you get into a melodic crescendo until you finally get to hear her voice, which is airy and peaceful.

After listening to all of her songs on Spotify and her looping covers on YouTube, Dominique is an artist that deserves to be discovered. Her sound isn’t the same old sound that we all have been listening to; it’s new, refreshing, and untouched. 

Check out Dominique's website here and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @dom_n_que