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Have The Best Valentine’s Day: Single-Girl Style!

Often times, romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day only seem to come when you have a significant other. Although having someone to share a passionate kiss or a romantic dinner date with may seem ideal, being single this coming Valentine’s Day can be just as fun. Instead of sitting around in the dorm sulking and watching slasher movies with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s, embrace the cheesy holiday and own it single-girl style!  

Pick up a dozen roses. Leaving them outside someone’s door even if you don’t know them, and we promise this will make someone’s day.

Hand out homemade Valentine cards. Make 100 or just 1, but passing these out can always put a smile on someone’s face. Print out some of those silly ones going viral throughout the Internet and put them in your friends’ on-campus mailboxes. You’ll give them a laugh and make them feel special.

Go out for a classic dinner and/or a movie date. Take a friend or even your roommate, because who wants to sit around when you could be having the same experience as someone on an actual date? Invite your favorite floor-mates and make it a group outing!

Hit the town. Are you 21+? Round up your gal pals for cocktails and a night of dancing. Maybe you’ll meet a cutie while you’re out, or maybe you’ll be having too much fun to care! After all, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. #TGIF

Make yourself happy. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or some well-deserved online shopping! Take a class at the gym- chances are it’ll be a lot less crowded, and as we all know, endorphins make you happy. Make the day great by loving yourself, and if not, the candy is always 75% off at every store the next day anyway. 

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