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The Happiness Jar Project


The Happiness Jar Project, originally created by the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert posted about this project she had started where she would write down things that made her happy. She would write all the happy things that happened that day on little notes and drop them into a huge glass jar which she would open at the end of the year to reflect on the things she had been grateful for and what had made her happy.


This is the spirit of the new year, so I’ll will be showing you how to create a happiness jar of your own.


What you’ll need:

  • A large mason jar or any type of large, clear jar

  • Washi tape or ribbon of your choice

  • (Preferably multi-colored) pieces of paper ready for your notes

  • Your imagination


Note that the decoration of your jar is really up to you. Whether it be glow in the dark paint, glass paint, transparent stickers and anything else you may want are all options too. The aim of the project is to write down every good thing that happens to you. Be it that you have a good day and the sun is shining, write down at least one sentence and the date on a colored slip of paper, roll it up or fold it, and pop it into the jar. To create more space, buy some mini rubber bands to keep the rolled slip of paper from uncurling. If somebody says something nice to you, write it down and pop it in there! You get the idea. It’s a wonderful idea for anyone that struggles with finding things to be happy about, especially now that most people are under the stress of classes, jobs and just college as a whole. If you ever feel down, there is nothing stopping you from reading though the notes before the year is over. The point of the happiness jar project is to promote happiness so if you are having a bad day, take one or two (or as many that you need) to feel better, you can always pop the note back into the jar for the end of the year.


Have a wonderful and beautiful 2015!


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