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Do You Love Taylor Swift? 4 Must Have “Swiftie’ items!



Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably have noticed Taylor Swift is taking over the world. From her mega smash album 1989 to her adorable kittens, Miss Swift is everywhere! Her millions and millions of “Swifties” can’t get enough of her either! If you are like me, you obsess over everything Taylor. You want to be just like the singing superstar and just want her “style” (see what I did there) well, with these 4 must have Taylor items, you will be one step closer to becoming the ultimate fan!


4. Her Perfume Line

From Wonderstruck to Taylor, all her perfumes smell heavenly! I bought myself a bottle (and I really don’t give a sh*t if I am a guy) and use it almost daily. Wonderstruck is by far the best and features notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach. It is a must have for anyone and the Taylor Swift obsessed!

Sold: Any major retailer or TaylorSwift.com

Price: $14.99- 64.99


3. 1989 Tote bag

You want to carry your books in high Taylor fashion? Well, Swifties look no further! Swift is selling 1989 tote bags! The bag features the 1989 album cover on the front and is made with durable material. Who needs Michael Kohrs when you have Taylor Swift?

Sold: TaylorSwift.Com

Price: $34.98


2. Her Vinyl’s

Do you ever like totally want to dress up like a hipster? (Yes, I am feeling 22) Well, why not be a hipster and buy Taylor’s vinyl’s! Taylor has released Speak Now, Red, and 1989 on vinyl, and all are ready for your record player. Not only are they super cool, they are also awesome to collect. Perfect for any music lover and Taylor Swift fan.  

Sold: Amazon.Com and BestBuy.com

Price: $24.99


1. 1989 Throw Blanket

I want this, and want it bad. With every album Taylor releases, she also features a matching throw blanket to go with it. I am the proud owner of a Red throw blanket, and really need 1989 in the collection. All I want is to cuddle in 1989, listen to 1989, and think about how perfect 1989 is (like I am sure most do).  Now with the temperature being bitter cold, buying this throw would be a perfect investment!  

Sold: Taylor Swift.com

Price: $44.99


I know times are tough, but these are all must haves. I want them all and I am sure you do too! *adds to birthday wish list*


Brendan Dazen was born June 10th, 1994 in Pittsburgh, Pa. As a child he particapted in such activities as soccer, dance, theater, baseball, and singing. He grew up to love theater and music so much. He even landed a "Best Newcomer" award for Peters Township High School's theater department . He now attends Point Park University for Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management. He wanted to become a member of HerCampus because he wanted to share his thoughts and ideas of pop culture, music, and fashion with his campus, and hopefully other schools. Brendan has a strong interset in Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, sunflowers, fashion, adventutres, photography, concerts, and dance. He hopes in the future to be a production manager.
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