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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

For a floor bonding event my CF (Point Park’s version of a RA) decided to host a meditation class. Along with the meditation class we would make “Stress Boxes”. Stress boxes are boxes that you keep items in that relieve you of stress. I love the idea of this and wanted to share it with you all. College can be pretty stressful, but with a little box filled with goodies the stress slowly goes away. To make your own you’ll need:

A box of your choosing, I have a cute take-out box

Quotes- any quote that uplifts you. You can include as many as you like.

Photos-maybe they are photos of nature, or photos of your family and friends. Any photo that makes you happy.

Bubbles-when I was a kid I loved blowing bubbles, sometimes you have to get back to being childlike.

Gum-mint gum relaxes you as you chew it.

Chocolate-sometimes you just need something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Wax melt-having things around you that smells good is perfect to uplift your spirit

Fabric-this may sound silly, but put a piece of fabric that feels nice to you relaxes you. Touch is an important sense.

Whatever you want- This is your box you can put anything in there that will calm you in stressful moments. I put a healing crystal in mine, but the options are endless!