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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.
Patty Sorg, MacKenzie Sugrue, and Meredith Kubic are all sophomores at Point Park. They are also friends, and roommates. The three girls will be starting a new journey this semester, that started out of a less than ideal situation.
For two semesters this trio worked on the community service section of the Campus Activities Board, but after the sudden removal of the community service section, this trio of volunteers decided to take matters into their own hands. They began their very own volunteering club, which they named Pay It Forward. Now with a new semester starting, the selfless trio is ready to spread some kindness around Pittsburgh!
HC: What is the club’s mission?
PIF: We want to reach beyond Point Park, we want to impact people. We want to make a big difference doing small things.
HC: Why did you feel it was important to have this club?
PIF: We just like helping out and making a difference. Each of us have been involved with our own version of community service. To take it to college was kind of a big deal for us. 
HC: What events do you have planned for the semester?
PIF: Our biggest one right now is the dance marathon, we want to do something similar to what other colleges do and support childhood cancer research (Children’s Miracle Network). We’re going to have an educational seminar for those to learn more about the dance marathon, and possibly have a Miracle 
Family come in to talk and have a presentation. 
HC: Who will benefit from this club?
PIF: Who’s going to benefit from it is the people we’re going to help. We will also benefit by just giving back.
HC: What do you look for in a new member?
PIF: We want anybody and everybody that’s passionate about community service who just wants to help out.
 If you are interested in joing Patty, Meredith and MacKenzie, you can reach out to them at payitfowardppu@gmail.com. Be sure to like them on Facebook to stay updated on their good deeds!