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Campus Life Edition: Janet Evans

Covered by stacked papers, flyers and sticky notes, a stout woman with laugh lines, golden blond hair and dark eyes sits at her desk as the Assistant Director of Housing and Occupancy looks out the window towards the bustling students and activities on Point Park’s campus. Janet Evans begins to say, “I never imaged I would end up in a place like this.” Growing up three miles from Downtown Pittsburgh and going on to receive her bachelors in History in 1980, Evans immediately took up various jobs on campus. From working in the computer center, being the secretary in the President’s Office & Business Office, to Campus Security, and finally Housing. After Evans’ suffered a back injury while applying to be a police officer,  “a window opened up at the Housing office and I never left.”

Janet Evans is more than just a Pioneer at Point Park but the foundation: she has watched the University grow to what we have come to know, and with her diverse work experience, she is an asset to all the students and faculty. After all the changes that she has seen, Janet points towards the window toward Village Park and says; “I think one of the best things point Park ever did was that park; before that park we were just a bunch of buildings, to me personally I never had a feeling of campus, once they put in that park, it gave a feeling of being on campus.”  

Stop by the Campus Life Office sometime and thank Janet Evan for all the wonderful things she has done here at Point Park! 

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