All About Bullet Journals

I am in love with my bullet journal. Last year, I began keeping one as an organizational tool, and it has become an essential part of my life – it’s perfect for planning my day and keeping track of ideas that might pop into my head at any moment! A quick look at the gorgeous, colorful bullet journals on Pinterest might make the practice look intimidating, but anyone can make one, regardless of artistic ability. My own spreads are pretty simple and straightforward, but I like to play around with different lettering styles for my page titles. The best thing about bullet journals is that they’re so versatile – you can set it up and use it however you like!


Here are a few things you can keep track of:



This is where the idea of the “bullet” journal comes into play. You can make a bulleted to-do list for the day and assign a higher priority to your most important tasks.



A bullet journal can also function as a planner. There are so many ways that you can set it up – try a few different spreads and see which ones you like!


Books, movies, music etc.

Bullet journals are a great place to record everything you read, watch, and listen to. Or you can simply list your favorite items or certain parts that strike you in some way.



If you have a few mantras or inspirational quotes that are important to you, you can devote a few pages to writing them down so that you can always turn to them!


Special occasions:

You can use your bullet journal to keep a diary or a scrapbook of sorts for special occasions, such as trips or large celebrations. That way, you can easily turn back to the pages and feel all the nostalgia!



Bullet journals make it easy to list your goals and track your progress. There’s something very rewarding about seeing a visual representation about what you’ve accomplished, so this can help you stay motivated!


Health and Self Care:

A bullet journal can help you keep track of the habits in your life and see what areas of your life need a little more attention. Do you need more water or sleep? Are you making time for yourself? You can record all of the data here and work on improving your lifestyle!


Your bullet journal experience is completely unique to you – you have total creative freedom for how you want to use yours! Have fun experimenting with different lists and sections in yours!