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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

I love watching YouTube videos because it’s nice to get a glimpse into the lives of others. YouTubers are so interesting and there is a huge variety of channels to choose from! Here is a list of channels the Her Campus staff members like, so check these creators out on your study break:


Carli Bybel 

Carli got popular really fast, but after you see her makeup tutorials you’ll understand why!

Nicole Guerriero

If you need easy to follow tutorials, Nicole is your go to guru.


Marissa Kathryn

Marissa has a beauty channel but her vlog channel is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re into cute puppies and fitness.

Tana Mongeau

She’s funny and vlogs about the craziest experiences. It’s like vlogging with a side of comedy.



Who doesn’t like a good DIY? This girl not only has great style but most of it is DIY and easy to follow.

Anastasjia Louise

After a recent move to Oregon, you should watch this girl just for her brave outlook on her anxiety and past body image issues.


Olan Rogers

If you need a good laugh please check him out. You won’t be disappointed!

Lilly Singh

Her user name is Superwoman and it’s very fitting! Right now she’s one of the leading female comedy YouTubers, bringing joy to the world one video at a time.

Who are your favorite Youtubers? Let us know on Twitter, @HCPointPark!