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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

My little sister will be turning seventeen this year. It’s insane to think that my sweet baby sister that I cried for as a child when she wasn’t near will soon be a woman. It’s insane to think about all of the issues she will be faced with. Being seventeen once before has given me insight, and maybe a small particle of wisdom that I can now give to her now that I’m 22.

  1. I’m busy it every second of the day, but if you ever need me or want to talk I will drop everything I’m doing to listen.
  2. It’s okay to like me. Yes, I know we went through that phase where we couldn’t stand the sight of each other and mom thought we would never get along, but even back then I still loved you. I get it you have your teenage life and I may not be cool enough to be a part of it (trust me I was there before, I get it) but just know I’m your old ersister – I’m like a best friend specially made for you.
  3. The thought of a boy around you makes me queasy because I sometimes still see you as that baby dressed as a Teletubbie for Halloween. But I know this will happen, and just remember that no guy will ever be okay for you, because you’re MY sister and no one will ever be good enough.
  4. If that boy hurts you, give me his address. Then tell me what flavor of ice cream you want, and if Oreos or homemade cookies will be better. I’ve had my share of those kind of nights with surrogate older sisters since I’m the oldest of us. Just realize how lucky you are to be the youngest. I’m not complaining, just being honest.
  5. I admire who you are. I admire how outspoken you are, how determined you are, and how brave you are. I look up to you (not because you are taller) but because you are my hero.
  6. I’m not perfect. I screw up still, I date the wrong boys, and I make bad decisions. I’m still learning. I hope that you look at my mistakes as a learning experience, and if you don’t that’s okay too.  That’s the best thing about having an older sister we never judge.
  7. You are a woman- a woman of color, a creative woman, a young woman, and some people might look down on who you are. You have rights, you have standards. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. You deserve to be treated equality. You can be whatever you want to be. You’re not defined by your sexual organs, or the color of your skin, or the talents you have. Your intelligence, grace, kindness, and honesty define you.
  8. One day I will move away from you and mom. I don’t know where yet, but when I graduate I will start my career and I can’t be afraid to move for it. Even when I’m far away just know that there isn’t a plane, bus, or train that I won’t get on to see you if you need me to. I love you, and I will never be too far away, I promise.