8 Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Podcasts are my constant companion. I listen to them when I’m getting ready in the morning, driving, working out, doing homework… pretty much any chance I get! They’re a great way to keep up with current events, learn something new, or visit another world. Here are few of my favorites:


  1. Welcome to Night Vale

Source: http://www.welcometonightvale.com/

The gateway podcast for many people, including myself! Welcome to Night Vale is a radio show broadcast from the fictional town of Night Vale, where the supernatural is commonplace and conspiracy theories are true. The “weather” segment also features music from independent artists. New episodes are released twice a month. There’s a lot to catch up on if you’re a new listener, but this podcast is very binge-worthy!


  1. Conversations With People Who Hate Me

Source: http://www.dylanmarron.com/podcast/

In this podcast, content creator and activist Dylan Marron (who also voices a character on Welcome to Night Vale) holds friendly discussions with people who have sent him hateful messages online. Sometimes he connects two people who have had a heated online disagreement and moderates a conversation between them. This podcast is what we need in 2018; it shows that it really is possible for two people with dissenting opinions to hold a positive, meaningful conversation and see the world through the other’s eyes.


  1. The Bright Sessions

Source: https://twitter.com/brightpodcast

This fictional podcast can be described as “X-Men go to therapy.” Dr. Bright offers therapy to people with “strange and unusual” abilities, helping them to control their powers and cope with their effects in their lives. One of my favorite things about this podcast is its focus on mental health. Even in a fictional context, it emphasizes that mental and emotional well-being is extremely important, and that it’s okay to seek help if you’re struggling. There are many LGBTQ+ characters as well. The main story arc concluded in June, but bonus episodes are still being released. Most of the episodes are under half an hour, so it’s really easy to get caught up!


  1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/StuffMomNeverToldYou


This is my favorite feminist podcast! It covers a variety of topics of the past and the present, such as women’s experiences in different careers and current events that directly impact women. I’ve learned so much about our culture from this show - it’s made me aware of many issues that I’ve never considered before and gave me a new perspective of things that I thought I understood.


  1. Dear Hank and John

Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dear-hank-and-john/id1002937870?mt=2

In this podcast, John and Hank Green (of Crash Course and YA literature fame) give “dubious advice” to listeners who send in all kinds of questions, from the realistic to the ridiculous. It’s great if you want to add a little more laughter to your day!



Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/delete-this/id1356008931?mt=2

Hank Green hosts another podcast with his wife, Katherine. In this show, they discuss Hank’s tweets from the previous week. Their banter is hilarious and their relationship is adorable!

  1. Hidden Brain

Source: http://www.kcbx.org/post/kcbx-two-way-shankar-vedantam-explains-whats-ne...

This podcast is utterly fascinating! It discusses a variety of psychology and sociology topics, often incorporating storytelling and new research. Some episodes, particularly the You 2.0 series, use knowledge of human thought and behavior to offer advice on how to improve our lives.


  1. Serial

Source: https://serialpodcast.org/

I would be remiss not to include this famous true-crime show on any podcast list. I’m still on season one, following the investigation of Hae Min Lee’s murder, but each season follows a different story in the American justice system. Season three just began, so I’m hoping to get caught up soon!