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7 Ways to Feel a Little Better When You’re Sick


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great fix whenever you feel under the weather. The best part about it is that it comes in many different forms! From oranges and orange juice, Vitamin C also comes in pill form. There are packets that use Vitamin C and other nutrients to help maintain healthiness. So whichever form you choose, Vitamin C is a great pick me up!



Even if you’re not sick enough to get medicine prescribed by a doctor, over the counter medicine can also be of use! Cough syrup, common cold medicines, even painkillers like ibuprofen can offer their wonderful assistance to your sickness traits! These medicines reduce pain, fever, and even just the achiness that comes along with being ill.



Numerous hours of sleep helps reduce sickness to an extreme. There has been many times where I start to feel sick, and literally sleep it off with ten plus hours of sleep. Sometimes being sick is just our body’s way of calling out for help! So whenever you’re feeling worse than normal, make some time to get EXTRA sleep. It just might do the trick!


Hot Showers

Being sick also comes with feeling extremely oily, warm, clammy, and just gross. A nice hot shower can make you feel loads better when you’re not feeling well. The warmness of the shower can even relieve sinus pressure and other body aches.  


Lotion Tissues

Sickness regularly causes runny noises. A great way to help with that is the tissues that are infused with lotion. Regular tissues can get to be super rough; the lotion tissues are soft and provide a gentler environment when used.



Staying hydrated is especially important when being sick! Many times people get caught up with feeling bad and forget to drink water! Then they become sick and dehydrated, which is super not good. So remember to drink your water! It may save you from getting sicker.   


Cough Drops

Cough drops help relieve and sooth scratchy, red, irritated throats, therefore they are lifesavers for people feeling sick! This is another small way to relieve some of the horribleness of being sick.

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