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7 Easy Nail Art Tricks You Can Do Right Now

This article was written by Heather Peloza 

With the spooky season just around the corner, your nails are going to have to look BOOmb. (sorry) Whether it be Halloween or any other holiday or occasion, here are 7 easy nail art hacks that will help your manicure look like a masterpiece.

1. Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex is a super useful tool that will make cleanup a lot easier when you’ve finished your nail art. I personally recommend Simply Peel liquid latex by Bliss Kiss. It’s $12.85 on their website and for how useful it really is, it is worth the money. It is a necessity for any nail art you decide to do.

2. Striping Tape

This technique works with regular old household tape as well, just make sure you de-stick it before you use it on your nails (just stick it and peel it to a few things before you use it). Paint over the tape, and you’ve got a perfect line! A recommendation of mine would be to buy striping tape for finer lines. You can get this on Amazon!

3. Dry-Brushing

Unlike the last two, you only need a bottle of nail polish to do this technique. Simply tap your brush on the side of the bottle, until there is almost no polish left on it. Then paint onto your nails! This offers a light, feathery effect that looks beautiful when combined with many colors.

4. Gradients

It may be hard to get the hang of these on your first try, but you’ll get them, I promise. Paint two or more colors onto a cotton wedge, making sure not to lay them on too thick. Then, dab onto your nail, applying more coats of polish onto the sponge as desired. Works best over white nail polish!

5. Stampers and Stamps

You probably will have to purchase a few things for this, but if you’re into easy nail art, it’s definitely worth the money (it’s pretty cheap too!). Stamping is a technique where you paint special polish over a stamping plate, scrape the excess off, roll your stamper onto it, and stamp right onto your nail. Bundlemonster.com has some amazing, cheap stamping plates to help get you started!!

6. Dotting Tools

You could buy a dotting tool if you wanted, but personally I just use the tip of a bobby pin when I want to create flawless dots on my nails! Simply coat the tip in polish and gently press onto the nail.

7. Nail vinyls

Nail vinyls are one of the simplest ways to create beautiful nail art. Just press onto dry nail polish, paint over, peel off while wet, and top coat! One of the best places to find nail vinyls is livelovepolish.com.

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