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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

With a lot of talent and even more faith, Trevor Jackson is taking the music industry along with Hollywood by storm. With his new album In My Feelings out now the 19 year old superstar is balancing fame very well.

HC:  Ebony magazine recently named you one of the “25 Young Guns of Black Hollywood.” How does receiving that recognition from a popular African American magazine make you feel?

Trevor Jackson: “It makes me feel honored to have my work recognized in general.   And the support of an acclaimed magazine such as Ebony means the world to me.”

HC: You have so much going on right now! From the release of your album to your acting career, how do you relax and enjoy all of your hard work?

TJ: My form of relaxation or meditation as you will is to play basketball to get my mind off things and release some energy. Also I like to watch movies and hibernate.

HC: You’ve accomplished so much to be so young, what keeps you going every day? What has been your motivation?

TJ: My faith, my family and my fans. The three FFF’s I guess.

HC: In five years where do you see your career going, what goals do you have?

TJ: I would love to keep creating and entertaining in any way that I can.

HC: What are you most excited for next year, what do you hope 2016 brings to your life?

TJ: I hope to be on tour and have some more projects on the film side.