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The best coffee in and around SUNY Plattsburgh

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Plattsburgh chapter.

It is safe to say that some of the most avid coffee drinkers are hardworking and driven people. Among those would be the young adults pursuing a college degree, one of the most tedious things to achieve educationally. 

Many of the students at SUNY Plattsburgh can be found drinking coffee at all hours of the day. When it comes to coffee in the present day, there are infinite choices and possibilities, which can be stressful and overwhelming. When making the decision on where to go, what to get, and any other question, it is best to go to the experts–- students.

When thinking about the city and campus of Plattsburgh, many different coffee spots come to mind. Walking through campus, one can see Tim Hortons, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and even Samuel D’s in a matter of minutes.

One of SUNY Plattsburgh’s junior nursing major, Emma Dermody, is an avid coffee drinker, and for good reason.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nursing students typically endure “5-8 hours of studying including class time.” When thinking about that fact, and then adding in clubs, sports, other classes, it is evident that nursing majors are super busy.  Dermody gives all of the credit to caffeine. Dermody said that her favorite place is Samuel D’s, located in Sibley Hall. She said she loved it because“the drinks are made perfectly and the employees are wonderful.” Dermody said she gets coffee every morning and really values a warm conversation during her journey to caffeine. 

Brianna Dubowski, a junior education major is also a coffee enthusiast. She not only attends classes, but also works in a classroom with fourth graders. If I were working with kids everyday, I would certainly need a double espresso! Dubowski explained that her favorite place was Tim Hortons, located in the Angel College Center. She said she adores its frozen drinks, like the frozen hot chocolate, even in the winter. Dubowski explained her week typically consists of  studying and attending classes for “ approximately 15.7 hours per week.” Dubowski insists that the caffeine is one of the only reasons she gets up in the morning. 

The last student approached on campus is a sophomore English major named Sydney Blake. Sydney did not hesitate to rave about Samuel D’s, not only about its Starbucks-quality drinks but also about its calming atmosphere, specifically the lounge chairs and neutral lights. She said she enjoys hanging out there when in need of a quiet break.

Although we seem to have an answer for on-campus coffee, that’s not all that this city has to offer. Students can take a 10-minute walk and find themselves downtown, where, there are a couple different spots that sell coffee. Many students can be found studying at any one of them! If one is in search of a coffee shop downtown, senior business administration major named Colin Brogowski will immediately talk about Chapter One coffee shop. Brogowski enjoys its lattes, mostly because of the many flavor choices and variations. He even raved about their normal, black coffee. It’s typically hard to impress a New Yorker with hot coffee, which is a win for Chapter One.

Another student, a sophomore psychology major named Dylan Sechler, had positive things to say about the ever-known Dunkin’. Although this coffee shop is not exclusive to the town of Plattsburgh, it is certainly a choice for students at SUNYPlattsburgh. Sechler explained how the variety of coffee, the affordability of the product, and its accessibility made Dunkin’ a “more-than-decent” coffee shop. He also explains how he enjoys his routine, and part of that routine is the same cold brew vanilla coffee. He knows exactly what he will get every time, which is great for students on the go or in a rush.  

The last student who offered their choice of coffee shop was a junior communications major named Samantha Conway. Conway loved the shop Koffee Kat so much that she actually went and got a job there. Now that’s one way to always have your favorite coffee! Her favorite thing about this place is the back porch, where customers can come sit, read, drink, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. She also encouraged everyone to visit on weekend nights, as they typically host a band or event, like a magic show. 

When looking back at all of this research, opinions, and including one’s personal palate, it could still look a little confusing. Every student has their specific likes and dislikes. Some valued the taste, like Dubowski with her frozen coffees, some the variety, like Brogowski and Dermody. Finally, some enjoy the accessibility, like Sechler with his vanilla cold brew. When making a decision on what could be your favorite place, it is imperative to remember which factors are most important to you.

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